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Lost the only set of keys

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Aprilia, Nov 6, 2011.

  1. hey guys!

    i recently bought an 07 aprilia rs 125 for daily commuting and semi track bike.
    anyways i recently bought rego, did an engine flush and completely cleaned my chain and sprockets.
    soon after i lost the one set of keys for my bike and i do not know what to do, ive called a few places to see what i can do and ive got quotes from $400 to $750

    has anyone been in this situation and revolved it ? i really need help my bike is sitting at the back of my house and has not been started in over a week .

    please help boys and girls :(
  2. You dont happen to live in Melbourne and have the keys on a kriega key ring do you? I got an email saying they have been notified of someone finding some keys
  3. no i dont :( i live in sydney
    thanks aly im so distressed seeing an expensive statue at the back of my house lols
  4. Find some junkies and learn how to hotwire it?

    I only have one key for my Colorado ute and the price is about the same. ffin sux
  5. Is the key electronic? ie. does it have an immobiliser? If no, go see a locksmith, if yes you're f**ked.
  6. I doubt if the RS125 has a imobiliser. Take the fuel cap out and take it to a locksmith.
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  8. no my motorcycle does not have an immobilizer
    wow i never really thought about taking out the fuel cap and taking that to the lock smith
    thanks guys for your help and ill let you know what happens!
  9. Check under the tank around where the fuel input is, for a four digit number. That might be your key code and all you need.
    Most marques stopped stamping the key code under the tank in 04.
    But it is Italian and they will do what they want when they want.
  10. My locksmith told me that sometimes keys cut from the tank won't work in the ignition (yes I've lost my only key before). What I did was hired a bike trailer, hooked the trailer up to the work ute, drove home, pushed my bike onto the trailer, drove the whole lot to the (good) locksmith and parked in front of his shop.

    That was LOTS cheaper than him doing a call out to my place even after I paid for the trailer hire.
  11. Yes you are right. The tank has three or four cuts and the ignition has four or five. But a cut is either a one two or three. So you buy a key of each of the last vuts or try your luck taking one home at a time.
  12. there is a 4 digit code but its half letters and numbers would it work ?
  13. oh okay, i thought it could work due to the fact that all my key slots use the one key (ignition, fuel tank, and removing of the seat)
  14. I would ring Aprilla on that. Possibly is I would say. They will know for sure and can convert the letters to a number.
    Which will mean the ignition has 5 cuts. And the fifth will be a 1, 2, or 3 cut.
    Hopefully a one and the first you try.
    All the best bud. I know what pain in the ass it is. I wasn't even drunk when I lost all mine. Moving bloody house.
  15. okay bad news :(
    rang aprilia dealers and they said that it is not possible for them to get a key cut without the ignition barrel and the only other way besides sending that in was to replace all key slots costing in $180 + $180 for fitting
  16. You may be shit out of luck. These new bike suck.
  17. Don't worry that's not true.
    Just ring your local locksmith. He will tell you what we have and he will do it. Cost will be 45 to 95 if you take the tank in.
    That's what I would do.Just drain and take the tank to the guy who will be cutting the key.
    It doesn't have an immobilizer right ???
    Just pick up the phone and call the locksmith.
  18. IF you can take the ignition out just take it to a locksmith. Where i work we charge $24 to make new keys to a supplied ignition.
  19. SYM pull the same line if you ask them. They're lying, as are Aprilia. Get thee to the locksmith. :p

    (actually SYM will go even further and say only their proprietry $50 blanks will work instead of the ones lying around any locksmith's shop... wonder how often these blatant fibs work for them.)
  20. I called my locksmith and he quoted anything from $50 to $100
    So I'm cheering :D removing my tank with a smile :D