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Lost the keys!!!!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by T_terror, Dec 20, 2005.

  1. After turning my house and cars upside down ive given up on finding my keys :(

    What are my options? Can i just get a set re-cut by calling a mobile key-cutter?

    Do i have to remove the key barrel or soemthing? Not sure exactly how it works on a bike.

    Or do i have to order something ridiculously expensive from Aprilia :shock:

    Please help cause im dying to get back on my bike.


    PS: Its a 95 Aprilia RS250
  2. They're in the third drawer in the kitchen.
  3. check the dogs poop.
  4. Checked em both already
  5. ROFL

    Just wait a while and they're show up in a couple months :LOL:

    Don't you have a spare set?
  6. Call the dealer of origin (should be in the service manuals) they may be able to help. May be pricey.
  7. Checked the ignition on the bike?? (Same thing happened to....Someone i know :oops: :D )
  8. A '95 Pril RS250 will be a grey import; Aprilia's Aussie importer has enough trouble acknowledging its after-sales support obligations to buyers of new bikes.

    Looks like the OP's up for a trip to the locksmith's. Calling out a mobile locksmith costs over $100. Much cheaper to call in a favour with a mate who has access to a van and take the bike to a locksmith instead of having the locksmith come to the bike.
  9. Is the ignition switch on the top triple clamp? Remove said clamp, unbolt switch & take to locksmith.
  10. Ok, your options as they stand...

    1. Remove one (or more) of the locking barrels and take it to a good locksmith. They'll be able to cut a key to match the barrel and it'll probably cost $50-90.

    2. You DID write down the key number from the key (or you've found the number on one of the locks). Take it to a dealership, prove you own the bike, and they'll order you a new key (or set of) for some big $$$.

    3. Remove the lock and put one of those funky keypad's so you can start your bike from a 4/6/10 digit code. :D
  11. Think that through a bit... if the ignition's locked, the top triple clamp can't move up or down because of the locking bolt engaging with its slot on the steering head. The only way to get it off would be to drop the forks and the steering stem out, but that can't happen beause the steering head bearing locking rings need to be undone for that, and they're under the top triple clamp.
  12. Where does it say the steering is locked?
  13. Where does it say it isn't? Given the lack of information one way or the other, and taking into account the OP's admitted lack of familiarity of how bikes come apart, I'm playing the odds and suggesting the course of action involving minimum cost and minimum fuss.

    Even if the steering wasn't locked, for the triple clamp to come off, the ignition barrel has to be disconnected from the main wiring loom; that connector is under the tank. On most bikes, the tank can't come off without the rider's seat coming off first, which, in turn, requires access to the ducktail , which, in turn, requires the key. Dunnit?
  14. 1)Call a locksmith that will come to you $$$$ 2) Dont ride your bike :shock: 3)Park it in a dark side street and wait :evil: 4)If you have to put it on a trailer and take it to a shop $$$$$$$ 5) buy another bike :D
  15. The steering dosent lock (makes it easy to steal!) so i guess i can take the assembly apart.

    I had to get a locksmith to do my car keys once and it cost $150... i dont think so.

    Guess il be takin the bike to a shop ive got a van so thats ok. But will they be able to cut a key off it or will i/they have to disassemble the barrel to cut it?

    Im going to invent a GPS tracker keyring so that this dosnt happen again, god it sucks hard. (bit embarassing too...)
  16. The bike shop will call in a locksmith anyway... but they'll pull the bits apart for you.

    It will probably be just as cheap to get a mobile locksmith.
  17. You need a locksmith, not a bikeshop. Bike mechs don't get taught how to reverse-engineer keys from tumbler locks. Locksmiths do.
  18. did you throw anything in the bin whilst you had your keys in your hand? check there :)
  19. Take it straight to a locksmith , they'll just reset the tumblers to a new key ,
    so if someone does find your old keys they will not work anymore

    If you have the key numbers give them to the locksmith it tells them alot about the locks
    I took the fule tank of my old gt750 to the locksmith in carrum downs , 30 mins later and $60 had two new keys and could put fuel in it
  20. *UPDATE*

    Lesson learnt: Spend less time on the net and more time on the goddamn bike!

    I had some free time from work today and pulled thte bike out to have a first closeup look at it.

    It is SOOOOO ridiculously easy to get around the lock it isnt funny. I wont post exactly how and what needs to be done but all ill say is that im more worried now than before because i know how easy it is to get the bike started without the keys. Dosent even need to be hotwired!

    So im gonna take the bike tomorow to get the tumblers reset.

    ...and possibly invest in some other sort of security device (already got a disc lock).