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Lost the key!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by the mole, Mar 22, 2009.

  1. Yes, lost my one and only key today, bike (GS500) is still at work but I hope to hotwire it tomorrow. Luckily the steering is not locked!
    Looking for help in how to fix it, ie. is it possible to get a key cut from the lock? Can I get the lock off without the key? Anybody know how to get the seat off without the key? Any help or other ideas appreciated.

  2. locksmiths should be able to cut you a new key from the key number which should have been noted when you purchased your bike (new). :idea: Some dealers/owners note the key # in the owners manual.

    Some better locksmiths can cut you a key if you take the lock 2 them. You said the steering was unlocked so it should be relatively simple to remove the whole lock. ( may take some fiddling under the tank to unclip the electrical connector )

    Option 3 - go to a wrecker & get another ignition /steering lock with a key.
  3. might wanna disable their phone lines too so they can't post a "bike stolen" thread on here...

  4. Phone all of your local locksmiths, you're looking for one who can make a new key from the ignition barrel without disassembling the bike.

    It can be done, I had to do it down here one time. It took the guy about thirty minutes using a blank and his files.
    It was a little bit disconcerting just how easy it is. :?
  5. I'm a kind trusting sort and I'm guessing with over 200 posts to his name he's genuine....besides I would expect most locksmiths would ask for proof of ownership in a situation like this.

    who in their right mind would steal a GS500 :roll:

  6. clearly can't see a piss-taking post here and there...
  7. thanks, far_c..

    I'll know better for next time...

  8. I rang up blade automotive in berwick and they came around and cut me a new key.

    All the guy did was pick the lock on the tank and the key number was right there on the underside of the filler cap !!

    enter the magic number into his laptop, put in the appropriate sized blank and shazam !! New key.

    that will be $200 !! (good incentive to have a spare I guess)

    Cant do that on new bikes however as they have transponders in the key


  9. question for you, what bike did he have? Was it a 'new one' with a computer and key with one of those transponder chip things in them?? Or an older bike with simply a key shape??

    reason i ask is i'm paranoid about my bike going walk abouts, while its only a zzr250, all i have extra is the disc lock and street sense on where to leave it. I've always wondered once i get a new bike with those electronic means in them (immobilizers etc), if i can do away with the disc lock.

    EDIT: just read your post properly, missed the part on transponders, got ya. Cheers.
  10. correct, when i got my r6, they gave me 2 black keys and 1 red key, the red key is like a master key for my bike, they said if you lose the red key and need to make a new key, im screwed, very expensive to change it all over to a new 1, so the red key is nicley stashed away, spare black key is also stashed away
  11. Or you can call a mobile locksmith and they'll come around and cut you a key from the lock.

    That can take a while so it isn't the cheapest option but it is the easiest.
  12. I know what you mean Goz, Pammy has 2 black and 1 red key. The replacement cost for a new kawasaki computer if I lose the red key is about $4000

    I took out a safety deposit box to keep mine in :)

  13. Update:
    Turned out there's a locksmith around the corner from where the bike is, so I pushed it over there this afternoon and he said he'd have some keys cut for me tomorrow if all goes OK. He's a bike rider too, pushed it into the shop (where it took up most of the free floor space) and said it would be locked up safely overnight. Fingers crossed!
  14. Look at what you're riding over on the left there! :LOL:

    P.S. Locksmith didn't ask for any proof of ownership.
  15. Happy ending! Locksmith picked the seat lock and cut a key from that, and it worked in the ignition despite the ignition lock having more tumblers. If that had not worked it would have been much more expensive due to labour involved in dismantling the ignition lock. Final cost, including picking lock+keys for the top box was $88.00.