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Lost the key to the seat - Spada

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by GuttedEwok, Mar 6, 2006.

  1. Okay. I'm stupid.
    I lost the key to unlock the seat on my Spada. Not a huge problem right now but next time i need to get to the battery or get the bike serviced I could be in a bit of shite. Anybody know what I can do? No, I was to stupid to get another one cut and I have no idea where it went. It has fallen off my keyring at some stage.

  2. Without stating the overly obvious, go to a locksmith.

    They will sort it for you.
  3. What about Honda? Give a dealer or autorised mechanic a ring, I'm sure you're not the first bozo to lose a key.

    BTW, does a gutted ewok just look like a fur coat?
  4. Honda will do nothing. A decent automotive-experienced locksmith (ask a service advisor at a dealership) will be able to 'feel' his way into the lock and cut a key for you. It shouldn't cost too much but the golden rule with getting ANYTHING unconventional done is to ASK THE PRICE FIRST.

    And anyone reading this: ALWAYS have at least two keys: getting an ignition key cut on a modern bike is no easy matter.
  5. Give them the key number and they will do more than nothing.

    Assuming that you have the key number. If not they should have it on record if you give them the VIN number.
  6. If so, this is a major change from when I last worked for a Honda dealer in 1999. And if they do have it on record, that's a huge security worry because people who work in bike shops are not always nice.
  7. Hmm is the key for the seat different to the ignition key? On the VTR250, the ignition key fits the seat keylock.
  8. My ignition key fits my seat lock on the Spada.

    Is my bike unusual? Or yours? :shock:
  9. On spada's the ignition key should fit the seat and tank... (well at least on mine it does.)
  10. Nope, they won't give it to you even then. I've tried.

    They will give it to you if you're a member of Honda's Rider's Assist though and you call up through that channel.
  11. Yeah, I'm pretty damn sure that if you've got a key that'll fit your ignition, it'll also fit your fuel cap and your seat...
  12. just rip the seat of and buy a new 1. problem sovled

    (mod: Not very helpfull but a few of these would have helped convey your msg better )

    :LOL: :LOL: :p :LOL: :LOL:
  13. Absolutely...

    It's the same key for all of them. If you still have trouble do what Vic said - go to a locksmith. That's what they are for :LOL:
  14. With most bikes the key for the ignition fits the seat as well. Not in my case tho. I have a different key for my seat because some twat tried to steal my baby by digging out my ignotion barrel with a screwdriver :evil:
    and I was forced to get a new Across ignition barrel from a wrecker :(
    But then again, I am in the minority so double check your ignition key :grin:
  15. Well maybe there's the last resort Flip - if nothing else works out, he can go to a wrecker and pick up matching keys and lock barrels for the ignition, tank and seat.
  16. Unfortunately i couldn't do that. The across has a specific barrel (to open the boot) so I am stuck with 2 keys :(
  17. Not on my Spada, it's 2 different keys.
  18. A locksmith will sort it. He can key it so it matches the other locks on the bike as well.

    Its magic. Just add money.

    Seriously good locksmiths are so good its scarey. I could just about manage to pick a seat lock I think. Given an hour or so. Some locksmiths could do it while holding a coffee mug and chatting about bikes.
  19. One or the other has been replaced at some time then - standard they are all the same.
  20. Just curious Kaer, which one opens the fuel cap??