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lost the gear ?? =/

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by 87crisis, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. hey again...

    for the 80th run thru...250 gpx..98 model...52k on the clock

    was riding home behind the ms's car earlier tonight turning left with no traffic coming from the right at the set of lights so stayed in 3rd...might've been fourth gear....cant remember now...come thru the corner..try to open up the throttle as i'm coming out of the corner and the engine just revved it's lil f'n heart out as if it was in neutral...no neutral light..i know i didnt drop gears coming around the corner...

    had to roll over to the side of the road (thankfully still no traffic coming my way) and drop it down to first then take off again...without issue since

    makes me wonder as there was twice earlier today that at take off from first gear at lights....that it's gone to neutral instead of second...and just put it down to me becoming ignorant and not paying attention to what i was doing at the time

    that might still be the case but any idea's on what the go is regarding ...losing all my gears around the corner i guess i'd put it =/

    keep in mind....i am still semi-retarded in the mechanically minded department...so..keep it simple or tell me to sod off to a mechanics
  2. try adjusting your chain ive found a loose chain can sometimes cause faulse neutrals
  3. Kawasaki and false neutrals go hand in hand
  4. they do

    I'm betting it wasn't clicked hard into the gear you were in and it popped out
  5. Yup tis a Kawasaki, must be more direct and manly with your changes.
  6. lesson learned...stop being a girls blouse...thanks to all ...as for the chain...had it tightened a week or so back when i changed the oil so shouldn't be any issue's there (will check in the morning to make sure it hasn't gained anymore slack in it)
  7. if you can't get the answer on Netrider, you haven't asked the right question :LOL:
  8. Gone to neutral without the lights......check all the connections and sensors.
  9. False neutrals are caused by a great many things, not being man enough to stab the ****er into the right gear is one of them.

    Others include gearbox on the way out, clutch on the way out /slipping bad enough to disengage gear, too much chain play etc...

    Gotta say it happens more often then not to myself. I usually just pull the clutch in and kick it back into gear within 2 seconds of it happening, no need to pull over.

    They do cause some disconcerting noises, however.
  10. ad910n...yeah....this is what i'm afraid of....time will tell...i'll be going thru the service manual in a week or two and doing some well earned maintenance on ol' red
  11. Either way its not the end of the world. If they start becoming common place (every ride) then start finalizing your bikes will. Not before that.
  12. There's something in the air this week 'cos I've been grabbing false neutrals all over the place! One horrible one on a tight 90 degree left hand corner (uttering a prayer along the lines of "holy *****" possibly saved me there) and another memorable one on hard acceleration (I did enjoy the noise on re-engagement). If it's not the air, I'll have to have a brief word with my left foot.....