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lost screws in bike

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by ksystemz, Dec 30, 2007.

  1. as title says was screwing in bolts for my battery and they fell inside somewere and could not find them anywere. i check the surrounding ground and tried to look inside. any ideas? i pushed my bike back and forth to see if they got stuck in the chain which it didnt,

  2. also another question, my battery i think is on its way out, its only newish. most of the time when i go to start it dies looses all power. i used a multireader and whilst running its 13v when i rev it goes up too 14v as it should, so its charging . could this be just a dud battery
  3. Sounds like a bad earth.

    I can hear all the greenies now :LOL:
  4. Ahh the magic ability for stray screws to find their way into the strangest of places. If you can't spot the thing by looking down where it fell (using a torch can often help) then sometimes the only thing you can do is to just start removing bits of bike till you find it.
  5. Once the battery connections are tight you should not be able to move them around the terminal by hand. Anything less than this is a bad connection, and means that not enough current can flow during the very high current-draw starting phase.


    Trevor G

    PS You could also have a bad battery - new ones fail - but check the connections first.
  6. You didn't say if you removed the battery looking for the screw, but if you didn't then you should. Every other consideration to the contrary, it has to be somewhere!! And when you put it back, put some vaseline on the terminals before you bolt them back up nice and tight; it helps stop oxidation and leakage of power.
  7. Ummm...vaseline really helps to stop/reduce/control the formation of acid reaction residue at the terminal. It won't affect "power" at all.



    PS Vaseline IS a good idea, as was removing the battery itself :)