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Lost power on the bike and then it stalled...HELP!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by nathanshnoz, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. I was riding along at about 100k's an hour. Bike began to loose power....gave the throttle a few flicks...nothing...went down to 4th....few more flicks....tiny bit of power...then loss again...3rd....2nd..well you get the idea. pulled just off the road and it stalled. Wouldn't start again. Was turning over fine but would not start. I thought i saw the oil light come on before it stalled so i went down to the servo and got some oil and put some in.....after 4 or 5 goes the bike roared to life. Rode home fine. Got the dealers picking it up tomorrow to take it back to see what's wrong. Still under warranty. It's a second hand 1998 Honda Vt250C.... i believe it is the same engine as the VT250 Spada. It too scared to ride it in case it could be something serious. What i know so far is:

    1) The bike now has too much oil and low oil was not the problem (so me seeing the light come on...i dunno maybe i'm just on drugs)

    2) The fuel tap was turned on

    3) The bike seemed to be running fine and all of a sudden it just happened

    Anyone have any idea's or input? Has this happened to anyone before?


  2. a blockage in the fuelling system? causing it to drain the carbs and then not refill them fast enough?
    sticking floats in carb?

    overheating coils? causing the spark to cease after excess heat, and then firing again when cooled?

    overheating or intermittent fault in charging system (reg/rec->alternator etc.) failing to generate power and then removing the bikes ability to produce spark?

    big lump of shit in the fuel, that clogged your carbs and was blasted through with heaps of cranking?
    water in fuel?
    take it to a bike doctor for a good once over.
  3. Were you using a tank bag?
  4. wen was the last time you checked for fuel before the bike started to stall?
  5. Don't forget that the oil light is on when the bike is turned on but below a certain rpm.. (on many bikes).
  6. Was the fuel tap on reserve or normal?
    If it was on reserve you ran the tank dry.
    Simple but common mistake.
    The oil light will always come on if you stall or the engine cuts out while ignition is still on.
  7. The fuel tap was on normal. Switched it to reserve and still would not start after a number of tries (i pumped the throttle to make sure fuel was getting to the cylinders) can't have been out of petrol because when i put the oil in and started it i still had a 2 - 3k ride to the servo and it ran fine.

    Didn't physically check at any point....bike was not on reserve and i had only done 150k's....should have got at least another 30 to 40 kilometers before fuel was a problem.

    Nope i was not using a tank bag
  8. Not all motorbike can run to 180 K's on primary tank.

    so just the conclusion to that is you were out of gas in primary and jus had to click on reserve :)

    its better for the carbies not to run to empty. so it wont work it as hard.
  9. A bit OT, but welcome to Netrider little man! (NathanShnoz is my younger brother)


    I hope they sort out your bike!
  10. ah a family member. =]

    now ur gonna talk less in person and more on PMing each other on netrider lol
  11. have you tried starting it since the initial stall? Say today.

    Does the starter motor turn over?

    Have you put it onto "pri" and tried starting it? with the petrol cap open?
  12. well they came and picked the bike up to have a look at it. So its back in the shop now i will let you all know how it goes.

    Yes it seems to run fine.....i am concerned that there may be an electrical or other problem and want it checked so the same thing does not happen to me again. There may be nothing serious wrong but then again there may be.
  13. lol... we talk more on msn than in person atm, so this probably will be the case... haha
  14. Sounds like classic fuel starvation to me. Check fuel quantity, blocked fuel lines, and that the tank vents are working.
    If it does it again, open teh fuel filler and see if it fixes things.

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. Had a bit of an intermittent problem like that on my Spada at one point that felt like I lost a cylinder. Cleaned out the carbs and changed my plugs (fouled, probably because of too much choke) and it went away.

    Might note that when I first ran down to reserve on my Spada it really felt like something was really wrong before I realised what was happening and flicked it to reserve.
  16. Hey guys,

    I was in a hurry this morning, didn't really have much time to warm the bike up, jumped on and started riding it slowly. I got around the corner from work, going about 90km/hour and all of a sudden the bike started slowing down. The more throttle I gave it didn't make a difference and eventually it just stopped compeltely.

    I had to turn the choke on and kick start it, started first kick. But what is the cause of this ?

    *edit* I did put oil in the other day, Caltex Activ. would it be the oil that was previously in there (a reddy colour) didnt like this oil?

    the petrol guage is showing its just coming into the "red" part of low-fuel.
  17. Were you riding with the choke on? ( before it stalled)

    Erm... the red oil didn't happen to be transmission fluid did it?