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Lost My #@@#@#!#W! Key

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by patske, May 5, 2005.

  1. hey I lost my only key to my fzr250 today, fell through a hole in my pants (don't ask) ... anyway does anyone know another way to get the bike started where to get a key from ? mainly where to get another key from.
    or at least a locksmith that will make one up for me somehow.

  2. i dont really know. if u can disconnect the key barrel and take it to a locksmith and they should be able to cut a key to suit ( ive done this before, but it was a easy keyway) ummmm other than that youre stuffed :D

    u could always muck around with the wiring if youre any good at it to get it started. (like hot wiring a car) {no officer i lost my keys officer}
    i know its expensive to get the key replaced througha dealership bout $200 (for a car, i cut keys at work) bad luck mate. im getting a second key cut on monday for mine. :cry:
  3. Where are you Patske?

    Might help people give an answer. I know a good place in Hobart... but doubt that'll help.

    Should be able to get a whole barrell + key from a wreckers.

    And you can hot wire it, but you'd need a manual, or know someone from teh western suburbs :wink:

  4. good idea from iffracem

    just dont forget that youre helmet lock (if the fizzer has one) will have a different key if you get the barrel replaced (and the storage compartment) so just dont lock your helmet to the bike!!!! :shock: :shock:

    otherwise you might find it hard to corner........ :p
  5. Here is a tip. You dont ride your bike without your helmet right? So go and get a key cut and wedge it in between the liner and the shell.

    Also get one for each jacket and use a safety pin to pin it to the inside of a pocket.

    That way you will never be left stranded.

    If you are in Melbourne, phone John Barnes, Colin there is a nice bloke.

    If you are in the north, phone Direct Locksmiths - Bundoora, Steve Wynn will look after you.

    If you are interstate, then get stuffed, I cant help you :p:p:p:p
  6. Most states will have a mobile locksmith in the area that should be able to help you out. Check out www.yellowpages.com.au ;)
  7. lol I lost my ONLY key to the Across yesterday....
    Had to get a lift home and than come back with car and trilor...

    but from expiriance I know you can get a Kawasaki key from a dealership for $50-$60 and if you want you can eather take the ignition to a locksmith and they shoud make you a key up for about $40-$50 and if you are lucky there are numbers stamped on the ignition which are a universal code... My old Yamaha XS250 had them right on top for every one to see...
  8. It wasn't in the boot was it? :p
  9. Direct Locksmiths cut me 3 keys for the ZX6R for $6 each.

    It always pays to record the number of the key just in case.
  10. I haven't lost my only key YET... I have been to a few places, namely Mr minute, the hardware, some key cutting shop down the road etc and they all told me that i have to go to an actual locksmith to get the key cut! Why is it that its so difficult to get a spare key cut for a bike?
  11. WTF? $200? Are you kidding? :?

    I ordered two blank keys from Redwing Honda at a total cost of $22.00. Took the blanks to a locksmith and got him to cut them at a total cost of $4.50.

    I would think the $200 would be for a new barrel etc.....

    Sorry about losing the key - best to ensure you stitch up any holes in your pants, and attach the key to a lanyard or keyring next time....

  12. No, I think you'll find he is referring to keys that carry the HISS technology.
  13. thanks for the help guys... damn hole in my pocket, I'm gonna ring my mate and hope he had a spare key that he forgot to give me or something... I'm sooo pissed off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
    :x :x :x :x :x
  14. yes, but you had a key for them to look at and copy right? without a key for them to copy up goes the price $$$ to between $150-200, that's what i paid when i lost my only key, won't be making that mistake again, i have a copy in my passport holder safe and sound.
  15. Clip your spare onto your prince albert.
  16. Seeing as I had to pay $150 for a second hand barrel for the Across, I doubt it. I could have had both barrels (boot and seat) changed over but I didn't and now have 2 keys which is a pain in the arse.
  17. yeaaaas i meant car keys. thats what my customers have told me in various words when thevre lost all their keys, you have to go to a car dealership to have them cut which means big $$$$

    sorry for the confusion

    i cut my old honda key off a hyundai key blank, because it was a stubby key and had the right channels to suit, u can get lucky and u can use other key blanks( we only charge $5 for a car key!!) i cant find one for mine though from my work so i have to go to a locksmith. :cry:
  18. HAHAHA lost and found at Macquarie University I love you!!!, I bet a fellow rider must have handed it in because anyone else would probably have kicked my keys and their adjoining number 46 valentino rossi keyring to the kerb !!! YAY!
    Got my bike back up and on the runizmz
  19. whoo :shock: that's some good luck there ride on :biker: