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Lost my original and replacement keys (honda)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ynot, Dec 6, 2011.

  1. hi,

    im a nob and lost my replacement and original keys for my honda cbr250r 2011

    I have called my dealer and one guy says he can't order it and messaged honda and never called me back, i called him back and he said hes still waiting for a reply.

    I called again and another guy said i need to go to a locksmith and they cant do anything?

    I have checked online and they say I should have written down that key code, but the dealer never told me and no one ever told me!

    Can someone tell me what I need to do? I lost my keys at work and my bike is the parking lot of my workplace...

  2. get hold of honda themselves... They SHOULD know a 'new' bikes code [well one would think] where did you buy it from? Does the owners manual or documents have anything at all about the keys?

    And yes you ARE a nob for losing your keys!!
  3. The owner's manual states pretty clearly you should write down the codes.
    I'll bet the dealer didn't tell you to get it insured either, did they? Or to always wear a helmet?
  4. Find your keys, otherwise it is new ignition time.
  5. new bike, that'll cost you the christmas bonus!!

  6. I think that they put an idiot sticker on the tank to cover that.

    Have a look in you service manual, I know that the last 3 bikes I have bought (one suzuki, two hondas) the key ID is written in there, from the dealership (2 different dealers)
  7. Honda dont keep any key info at all full stop. Luckily your bike hasnt got HISS fitted to it or you really would be in the poo. Replace the lock set is the way to go. I think the days of giving a locksmith a ignition barrel and have him craft a key to fit are long gone as the industry has gone from skill craftsmen to just guys who cut keys :-(
  8. I thought you could pull the ignition barrel and get the codes from there
  9. i called my dealer again telling them if i can give them some sort of key code..they said no.

    They said i need to get a locksmith, do i really need to get a new lockset? WOW I thought it being a new 2011 bike it would alot easier than that....

    Can anyone tell me what I need to do? I dont want to pay a locksmith for a brand new lockset if i didnt have to. My dealer is hopeless and never give me a definate answer.
  10. I noticed you stated you lost your keys at work, how big is your work ?
    Sure somebody hasnt hidden them on you?
    If you're fair dinkum, I'd say 'fark it' get new locks/keys, much cheaper to get it done before someone pinches the bike thinking it's been dumped!!???
    You insured? have you asked the insurance company?
  11. Its not meant to be easy otherwise it would be easy to steal.

    Email the company to find your keys?
  12. Without knowing the specifics of your exact bike, it's hard to know for sure.

    But my guess is they're lying to you.

    There are key manufacturers out there offering to ship fancy keys cut to fit your bike if you provide the factory code.

    I'd be calling other Honda dealers and trying to find a useful one.

    If Honda turn out to be useless, gettign a locksmith doesn't necessarily involve a new ignition.
    They may be able to cut keys to match your existing ignition. I'd be calling a few to work out what that's likely to cost.
  13. my workplace is big, im at a call centre at a bank, theres hundreds of people here...

    I called my insurance, because im L's and under 25, my excess will be $400! i called a local locksmith, so far its $255 to get it done.
  14. Thanks for the advice, i'm gonna call other dealers now!
  15. I'm sure this will teach you to respect you keys!
  16. yes im ending up getting innerwest locksmith to come to my bike.

    $255 down the drain. Thanks everyone for responses lol
  17. I would just go with that it seems reasonable plus the stress is gone.
    I dont reckon any decent locksmith will even get in his car for any less than that
  18. btw action paramatta is my dealer, they said they dont record the key number down.

    ive had such a bad experience with them, from having my name wrong, wrong bike colour, and they never ever call back. ok neways happy riding everyone!
  19. Action Parra may be crap, but they didn't lose both your keys dude ;)
  20. $255-00 Thats cheap. If you had HISS, you would be up for 1500 to 2000 grand,