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Lost my keys ... oh wait, they were in the ignition all day

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jekyll, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. Yeah. I caught the bus home today because I couldn't find my keys when I left work. I looked everywhere, swore a lot and went home by bus to get the spare bike key.

    Get out of the car at Sussex St MC parking, cool that last bike left there is me ... Ahh, so that's where they are ... :oops:

    Today, I was both lucky and stupid. Very stupid, very lucky.

    That's all.
  2. Yes i did the same thing about a month ago-lucky for me a mate from work on his way out saw the keys in my bike and bought them back for me, not before telling everyone though of course!
  3. You're a very lucky boy :).

    I always pat my pockets as I walk away; mind you, I DID lose a mobile off the top of my top box not that long ago, so do as I say, not as I do :oops:.
  4. I saw an Aprilia scooter parked in St. Kilda at the botanical gardens with the keys in the ignition. Of all places St. Kilda

    I removed the keys and left them a note telling them where they can be collected from.

    They were rather thankful
  5. haha.... I ended up riding back to work after I arrived home today.... TO GET MY STUPID HOUSE KEYS FROM THE WORK UTE!!!!! v :evil: :evil:

    And yes... This isn't the first time i've had to do so :LOL: :LOL:
  6. haha.

    I did that a couple of times when I was on my L's. Its such a bad feeling when you see your keys sitting in your ignition after you've just left it in the carpark for a couple of hours. :cry: Better then getting back to see it gone thou I imagine.

    Quickly learnt the wiser ways thou :LOL:
  7. First time i got drowned on the bike i called in at Knox shopping centre to escape the rain and make use of the hand dryers to dry out all my gear, after about 30 mins of drying my jeans i realized my keys weren't in the pocket. they were still in the ignition. :)
  8. i cleaned the bike,went inside,farted about and came out later to go for a granny visit.could'nt remember what i did with the keys so i grabbed the spare and took off.got to my destination and as i hopped off the bike i saw the key dangling out of the lock on the side of the tail that pops the rear seat....
  9. At the GP, lazing about in Siberia. Getting time to leave. I discovered that I lost my keys.

    Oh no!

    Anyway, we walk back to the bikes in the carpark behind the visitors' centre. Get to the bikes and I'm wondering how I'll get my helmet out of the helmet lock so I can get a lift back to the house and to figure out how to get home (2hrs away) get the spare keys and get back to the bike...

    ...only to discover them hanging out of the hemlet lock.

    Anyone walking past could not have failed to notice them being such an admirable looking bike and all, but if they did they must've took pity on me...
  10. @MJT57.. I did the same thing, albeit in my driveway, but as I only have one key, it was a frantic 1hr or so. My 4 year old son found them for me! DOH
  11. If you think that is a bad feeling, try walking out of the front door & realising your keys were in the door all night!
  12. yeah I have done that once on my 250

    but I have new gloves (since buying the R1 thought it was a good time for some new kit) I have A* GP Plus, they have an awesome "pocket" in the back of the thumb (I'm sure it's just a vent) but it fits my key for the bike very snuggly :)

    so I turn off bike - put key in back of thumb - get off bike. It's all about creating a routine so as not to loose them
  13. I left my keys in the ignition outside work all day. Once and only once.

    Outer Sydney CBD. Now that's lucky! :-w
  14. ha ha!!

    I dont feel like such a nuff now after reading all this.

    A few weeks ago I was at a mates place, parked out the front. When it came time to start up and take off my keys were no were to be found. Bike key, house key, car key, parents house key, girlfriends house key etc all on the same ring...

    I had about 5 blokes helping me look all round the house, front yard, inside, everywhere... We spent about 15minutes looking and by this time I was stressing out. I knew I had a spare set at home but it was 11pm, raining, cold and I was about 45km from home and just couldnt face the stuffing around of figuring out how to get home, then break in to get the spares, come back etc etc.....

    stupid me, when I first arrived at my friends place, put sunglasses under the seat and I didnt take the keys out of the seat lock on the left hand lower side of the bike. When hunting around with the torch, we look everyone around the ignition. in between the handle bars - ferring etc..

    It was only when I sat on the bike and start pushing down on the grips like a spoilt kid I heard them jingling....

    total relief... total self annoyance.
  16. Dam those helmet holders :mad:
    Dam them!! :evil:

  17. i may of locked mine in the "boot".... not that i'd admit to it.... Lucky i had the spare in my jacket...
  18. I left mine in the ignition at work all day. Felt like a dill, but meh.

    Luckily it was the Postie bike. :p
  19. I joined a group ride for the first stretch to Boonah, waved everyone I knew off on the next leg of the trip, went to the ladies, and then checked my pocket for the key - nope :? , checked the new tankbag - nope :( , checked the ignition - nope :shock: , checked the floor of the cafe - nope :cry: ... about to call Husband in desperation to drive an hour south with the spare - put the tankbag on the bike to get my phone out and hear 'tink' - the magnets had pulled the key out of my pocket :oops: ! Now I put the key on the handy clip inside the bag!
  20. mmmm, me....

    $20,000, 1 day old bike, parked on street on Market Street for 8hrs with key in ignition.

    Fortunately, I hadn't realised until I got back to the bike so didn't have opportunity to worry about it. Sure was a strange mixture of relief and self-anger on the ride home though.......