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Lost my key - New ignition barrel?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Shinanigans, May 2, 2010.

  1. Hi guys, hope this is an appropriate section to post this...

    I've searched freaking EVERYWHERE for my key but alas, i cannot find it and i only had one. It's for my Suzuki GS500F 2007 model.

    - Is it true that i have to get an entire new ignition barrel in order to fix this issue? How much are barrels worth?

    - Will anyone cut a new key for me? Anyone you can recommend (NSW north coast)

    - It's going to be such a pain in the ass to actually get the bike to anyone; does anyone know of someone that will come to me?

    Sorry for the 100 questions, just wanted to be prepared to sort it out this week ](*,)
  2. dont the letters on the barrel where you insert key mean something i.e. a locksmith can work it out for you and cut new one?
  3. your bike would of came with a code, for a new key to be cut from a template. It "Might" be in the service/warranty book. Failing that Call suzuki with the VIN and see if they can't help. I know keys can be cut from the tumbler, but it might be cheaper to get a set from the wreckers.
  4. Had a look in the manual - There's an empty box where the key code should've been written -_-

    @evel; nah there's no numbers apart from "SB-2" or something like that. Not from typical view anyway.

    Will give Suzi a call tomorrow. Cheers guys!
  5. I lost a key in the city once (melbourne), and got put onto a locksmith who was able to come to the bike, and using a blank and a file made a new key for me on the spot. didn't cost the earth like i thought it would, and he was done in half an hour.

    So my advice would be to phone around your local locksmiths and see if you can find someone with the skillz.

    Also if you do a search, there are a couple of other threads floating around on here where people have suggested other options.

    Good luck :)
  6. Mmmm, but did that have a chip in it?
  7. how did the locksmith know it was your bike and legally owned?

    i mean i saw a really nice naked 1048 ducati recently, i believe i "own" it and can't locate the key.
  8. Nah, this was well before technology came along. Although my current bike isn't chipped either.

    I'm assuming by his avvy he's on a Suzuki, do they chip their keys?

    It was pretty obvious by the swearing and abuse he heard me dish out that my story was authentic. That and the fact nobody in their right mind would steal the POS I was riding. After seeing how easy it was to make a key, I did start to wonder about an 'upgrade' :p
  9. I know the SP2 has a coded key, so I guess the others in the rage might... although maybe it's just the 'premium' bikes?
  10. I live in Byron, own a GS500 and lost the only key last year. Locksmith in Banksia Ave cut a new key using the seat lock (I think he said that he could pick that one more easily). I just left the bike with him for a day. He also did one for the topbox, total cost was about $60 ish??
    If you want to contact me, Ph.0419233025, cheers, David.
  11. I don't believe the GS500 has SAIS so you are fortunate in that you don't have a chipped key.

    Provided you haven't got the steering locked you can pull the ignition barrel and hot wire the ignition quite easily - at least it will allow you to ride to a dealer (or better still - a locksmith) and get a new key cut from the barrel.

    Good luck. :)
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    check on locksmith pricing for cutting/programming.Plainfield Locksmith will program for free if they are pre cut and charges $75 for cutting/programming..every locksmith is different though..
  13. Not in the bike is it...?
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  14. Friend of mine did the same thing. He removed the barrel and took it to the locksmith (Kingsford locksmiths, Sydney eastern suburbs) was pretty cheap from memory... bike was a VFR800.
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