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Lost my Go Pro, but went back and found it

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by kingali, Feb 25, 2013.

  1. I lost my GoPro on a 32km stretch of road yesterday, but I went back and with persistent, I found it. Enjoy the video. Read the description for more details.

  2. How cool! Where do you mount your camera?
  3. The SloMo footage is awesome !
  4. Camera was mounted to the exhause pipe.
  5. Pretty good depiction of what it would be like for bugs hanging out on the side of the road. Big grass trees and the sound of mechanical dragons chasing each other.
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  6. That's the coolest thing I'll hear all day.
  7. hahaha!........wait....really?
  8. I didn't know the sky could bend like that.......................
  9. Moved to multimedia
  10. Sometimes you can be lucky getting your camera back -

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  11. Hahahahaha that was awesome.
  12. Lol! I would never have thought a seagul would pick up a GoPro and fly off with it. At least the bird put it back on the ground instead of letting it go while it flew over the water. That's a piece of footage most people will never get!

    To the OP, glad your camera survived the fall and that you got it back!
  13. That is bloody brilliant.......