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Lost my gloves

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Jul 13, 2008.

  1. About 7 years ago I bought a pair of Dianese Winter gloves.
    Brilliant/superb/magnificent/amazing....I think you get the idea.
    Awesome glove. Warm as toast, withstood 2 hours of torrential rain and they kept my hands warm and dry.

    We moved here 4 years ago and they were lost in the move. I went to Peter Stevens and bought the latest and greatest winter glove that are waterproof and warm.

    Now I wore these gloves on the icicle ride 2 years ago, they were marginally thinner than the lost pair and unfortunately they were not as warm as the lost pair.
    They are brilliant at keeping the water out though. $220 worth. Yeah, a bit rich but hey, I want a silk lined coffin, not a money lined one.

    So today the good wife is at work, I've woken up, did the vacuuming and noticed that it's pretty much like the wife, not sucking as good as it used to.
    Having said that though, last night...................oh never mind :p

    Duck out to the garage, empty the ducted vacuum cleaner, remove the filter and drop the retaining plate. Had to move a few things to get to the retaining plate, hmmmmm what is that............NO WAY......

    It's the lost pair of gloves!!!!!!

    :dance: :dance: :dance: :bannanabutt: :roses:

    I had resigned to the fact that I had either lent them out and they were never returned or they were tossed out during the move.

    Now I'll be tossing up on which pair of gloves to wear for the icicle.

    I fitted the tank bag to the bike today in preparation for the icicle ride.

    I picked up a headlamp (one for your head) from Evo Sports, actually Jason did and bought me one too :)
    It's a single LED, bright as fcuk. I accidentally shone it in my eye and was seeing a bring CD like ring for almost 30 mins.
    It has an elastic strap that goes around your head and tightens up.

    I strung it between the 2 mirror stalks and will use the left hand whilst riding to turn it opn and shine it onto the map pocket on the tank bag.

  2. You mean to tell us the gloves got sucked up the vacuum unit ? :shock:
    :LOL: :LOL:
    Could ONLY happen to Vic :p
    Wonder who was vacuuming THAT day ? :-k

  3. No.

    The filter retaining plate from the ducted vacuum cleaner fell onto the floor and when I moved stuff to get to the plate, I found my gloves that had fallen behind some box.
  4. :grin:
    Was thinking WOW :shock: That's gotta be a Muther of a Vacuum system :oops: