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Lost my freakin bike key! HELP!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by speedysnaill, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. My VERY first bike, just brought it home from it's maiden voyage from Old Noarlunga, straight down the Expressway to Marion. Sitting at home with my boyfriend, we decide to go for a ride. Where is my key? We looked for an hour and a half, still could not find it anywhere. Now people want to charge me a MINIMUM $150 to get a new one. WTF? I mean, seriously, some guy even quoted me $265, and I was like "yeah, no thanks".

    Can someone help? I have a 1995 Suzuki Across. Is there a key code number or SOMETHING that will reduce the cost - apparently cars are easy because they have the number on the inside of their door, but $150 is just not on. Can anyone give me advice? Anyone know where the key code is on my bike?

    (would appreciate no smart-arse comments about losing the key, I'm giving myself more shit than any of you guys could)

    :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
  2. So you have checked all the places.. Did you have it in your pocket ?? Could it have fallen out if you sat somewhere ?? Couch, bed, etc..
    Check all your pockets again, pants, jacket, etc..
    Did you have your key in your hands when you put anything in the bin ?? Check the bins if you did.. Yes sounds stupid but i know of it happening, no not me..
    Geez i hate it when this shit happens.. It has to be somehwere, you had it when you got there, so it has to be there..
    Hope you find it. Retrace your steps the best you can remember them..

    Good luck and i hope you find it. Otherwise you will have to let go of some cash unfortunately.. :evil:
  3. Check your riding gear as well. Sometimes keys end up in gloves or helmets.
  4. My (only) key recently snapped in the lock (a day before i was having it cut)

    Luckily i managed to get it out, take it to a good lock smith and he cut it.

    But he didn't know if it would work so he said that if it didn't i would have to bring the ignition in so he could cut a new key to fit the pins.

    Obviously, biggest thing, as soon as you get a bike with one key, go get 3 copies that same day, i also learnt that the hard way.
  5. You would have needed the key to ride it home... so it's got to be there somewhere.......

    once you find it, go straight to the locksmith and get a 2nd or even 3rd one cut so you have a spare. :?
  6. thanks for the looking tips, but honestly, i've been searching for 2hrs and i only live in a townhouse (it's VERY small) checked everything, even pulled my jacket inside out and took my jeans off to make sure it wasn't hidden anywhere. Just need to know if there are key codes hidden somewhere on the across so the bastards don't rip me off so much.

  7. check the key hole in the bike.

    re-trace ur steps, it works.

    you know, you can always remove the ignition yourself and use a screw driver to start her up. be sure to buy a disk lock.
  8. Have you checked the bike ignition?? or other keyholes....

    you didn't lock it in the Across's boot did you....?
  9. No, no, no, no and no. People, I have literally looked EVERYWHERE. The whole house has been turned upside down and inside out for the last 2 hours by three different people. I honestly appreciate the advice, but I definitely lost the key inside, and my only conclusion is that it got flushed down the toilet (being a chick and all). So, what I really need is for someone to tell me where/if the Suzuki Across has a key code so that I can reduce the cost of getting a new key by about $80! PLEASE!
  10. The key code is normally a little rectangular piece of metal thats clipped to one of the original key ring sets and has a series of stamped letters and numbers on it.

    If you don't have the keys then you almost certainly don't have the key code either (unless the rider did what I recommend everyone does when they buy a new bike and write the code into the service booklet!).
  11. 1. get your boyfriend to take out the ignition switch
    2. take ignition switch to locksmith
    3. ????
    4. profit
  12. you know, it might have popped out while you were on the road, that happens sometimes.

    of course, you would know because you go to turn the bike off and the key isnt there.

    so you havent looked everywhere.

    have a shower, that might help. :grin: :grin: :LOL:

    go to a motorbike shop and try out their keys. one of thems gotta work.
  13. try mac gyver trick with couple of steel string :grin:
  14. I tried to get a key cut for my new bike today, and was told I would have to approach Honda......

    Hopefully it turns up for you.
  15. hahahaha that's what happened to my key!
  16. I 2nd the McGyver idea... give him a matchstick, some blue tack, a tin of baked beans and a tooth brush and not only will he start your bike... but super charge it!

  17. I have sooooo done that before! Turned my old apartment inside out for half an hour until my girlfriend walks in and says "you'll never guess where".
  18. Yeah but then the lights would have stayed on because of the position of the ignition switch.

    Will :wink:
  19. Did you check in your helmet? I know someone already suggested it, but give it a good rattle incase it's fallen underneath the padding. Thought I'd lost mine twice today when it was hiding there!
  20. :eek: :grin: :rofl:

    :butt: "Whoooooop, there it was!"

    ...butt seriously :)lol: some more) it'll turn up, probably in some clothing or the couch, don't panic. I keep my bike key on a clip so it's always with the whole bunch I lug around when not in the bike...also there was a 'snapped key' thread a few days back, make sure you get a copy made if it's an economically obtainable blank.