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Lost my confidence?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by NinjaKid, Sep 18, 2015.

  1. Hi guys
    So im still on my Ls now and ive been travelling over 3000km on my bike, i went up to blue mountains, and even down south wollongong, i hold my license for almost 2months now
    I have had couple near misses for the first couple weeks, and i ride everyday, it comes to a point where things are going good, however recently for some reason it seems like its gotten worse i stalled my bike, skid the roundabout and what not, anybody have the same experience? Mind you ive been practicing alot too for my most test, does it has something to do with my mental health lol

  2. Overthinking sometimes does it to you. I'm no expert, been riding for just over 4 months and just passed my licence test with just under 3000km saddle time. But I have noticed that when I overthink a manoeuvre, it goes pear-shape. When I concentrate but take it as it comes and enjoy my ride, I don't "fight" my bike, so things seem to fall into place :)
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  3. You could be micro managing to much. In off road riding I would sometimes start looking at every rock and hole and try to navigate around them with not good results. You need to look ahead to where your going and let the bike do its thing. Relax your grip on the bar and loosen your shoulders, this is supposed to be fun. Maybe have a week off, be more keen to get back on then
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  4. +1 to all that's been said. Just relax into it otherwise you tend to 'overthink' issues whilst ignoring others! There's plenty going on & you need to be switched on. Don't tense up, just relax & enjoy yourself and you'll find you'll be pretty alert to your surroundings/posture/position etc.

    So what you stalled etc - BFD mate. Don't stress it. Learn from these. Just know you're well on your way to becoming an accomplished rider!
  5. I've been riding for 41 years with 2 three year breaks in all that time.

    After the last break from riding I took my current motorcycle on test ride last year and dropped it coming to a stop right in front of the owner.

    I managed to drop it two more times in the following weeks, each time coming to a stop and in front of witnesses.

    These thing happen so just enjoy the times that you don't drop, stall or skid.
  6. Sometimes I find if I have a few days not riding I'm riding better when I ride again. I think my poor old brain just needs a rest and a chance to assimilate stuff.
  7. Got another one for you. The worst thing you can do skiing is to start watching what your feet are doing. Look ahead and it after a while just happens if you let it.
  8. Don't push yourself. If you've lost your confidence, slow down a little. Get to a point where you're feeling comfortable again. Being comfortable will make you ride smoother. The effects of smoother riding will be a combination of increasing your confidence, safety and speed.
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  9. Happens to the best of us.

    As others have mentioned - take a 'sickie' and not ride for a few days. If you're distracted and your mind is elsewhere, don't ride that day OR take it easy IF you do. Ride like a granny
  10. Remember too, if you're out riding and you start getting the heebies, pull over, take a few deep breaths and have a look around at what the traffic is doing. It's not nearly so scary once you have a good look around and realise everyone's just trucking along like normal. As already said, overthinking things can put the mozz on, so pulling over and taking a break just helps settle everything down again.

    I've done it.
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  11. Thanks guys, good advice here, probably i need to take it slow or have a break for a while, i have been riding it slow really it just that for some reason im already level 2 now back to level 1, and yeah i kinda lost that spark for when i get the bike the first time, but when i took a day off not riding the next day im so hyped on riding it but the same stuff happened, stalling, skidding, near misses
    And recently i overthink turns, n make last second changes, i think thats what took a toll on me, everytime i see the turn i picture myself skidding, wet road, cold tyre
    Probably because ive been watching alot of motorcycle crashes lately too, but thats just for me to learn from it... :S
  12. Last Summer a mate of mine hired a bike. We went for a ride and it broke down. (dirt in Fuel). I had to haul him 500km back to Melbourne.
    When we got back he said to me. That ride back to Melb taught me so much.
    It seems it opened up his mind as to how to control a bike and what it's capable of doing.
    I recon you need a 2 hour ride around the City as Pillion with an experienced Rider.
    I'm sure you would come away with a whole new outlook on riding.
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  13. As others have mentioned just relax and try not to over analyse everything
  14. Do more practice on the real slow stuff where you find friction point and use the rear brake, do some super slow uturns, figure 8's etc in a quite carpark. Can take a while to get it.

    I'd had a couple of scares at a particularly tight bumby and up hill round about near my place and this helped me bigtime.
  15. Yeah, been goin to the learner practice in homebush, definitely i need more practice in slow riding and traffic its just much different when theres traffic really, gotcha dont overthink it
  16. I lost my confidence after having major issues with my forks and had to endure a bike that was constantly trying to throw me off at high speeds. I'm still riding stiff armed even though the bike is fixed and just starting to get the feel for it again. I know how hard it is to listen to the words 'just relax', but it's not that simple, is it. Just take your time and learn from it.

    I remember thinking for about 2 seconds that maybe this motorbike caper wasn't for me after the last tankslapper (oddly enough on the day I was riding to take my license test). But I knew it wasn't me. Especially since I passed on that day with flying colors. I'm still overthinking things, still regaining confidence in the bike, and it shows, but I'll get there. You will too. I'll put up with sore shoulders until I really do learn to relax because I know I'm still learning to trust myself and the bike again, but I'm also still loving it.
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  17. Excellent advice.

    Here's one more: The learning process is usually a case of "2 steps forward, 1 step back". Please don't expect a linear learning curve.

    There will be positive spikes, plateaus and dips. Evaluate and learn, but don't over-analyse. You'll drive yourself crazy.

    One last thing. I also occasionally watch 'fail army' type crash videos and my riding tends to suffer. I think it's a case of negative programming. Anybody else agree with this?
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  18. tottally agree with the failarmy hhhaha