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NSW Lost license for speed, suspension from both police and rta?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Romie, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. So I got done doing 30 over the limit in the national park while on red P plates. My license was suspended and confiscated on the spot for 3 months, so I thought. 4 weeks before im meant to get my license back I get a letter from the rta saying I will be suspended for another 6 months on top of the current 3 months that im serving. I thought this was bullshit so I had a quick look on the rta website and it starting making sense sort of. 3 months for the speeding offence, 3 months for losing my points, so IMO it should be 6 months. So I went to the RTA to enquire about this and they told me the police offence is seperate than the rta one. So bascially I got 3 months from the police for doing 30 over as a P plater, than I get 3 months from the rta for doing 30 over the speed limit and another 3 months from the rta for losing my points. I think its a load of shit, how can they suspend you twice for the same offence? Is this correct or are they just trying to **** me over? I know im in the wrong and I have no problems with doing the time I just think its bullshit that they get you twice on the same offence.

    More than 30 km/h but not more than 45 km/h 5points $692 fine

  2. hmmm... never heard of that one before!
  3. I think it's true since the demerit points + road side on the spot are two different ways to get a suspension? My mate on greens got sixteen demerit points :)|) and was only suspended for 3 months since he did nothing that was a road side license suspension.

    It will also add another 6 months onto the time you can get your full license.. I.e 3yrs 6 months of P's
  4. Double Jeopardy?

    An offence is an offence, regardless of the authority bringing the charge: or so I would have thought. How can two State Gummint authorities do you for the one offence, I can't see that getting past first base in court!
  5. Yes, you're being ripped off.
    Yes, they can do it.
    See here: http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/rulesregulations/penalties/demeritpoints/index.html

  6. ouch

    stay clear from the nasho, or buy a cruiser :)
  7. works out as 3 months for speeding (as a p plater), 3 months for doing 30+, and p platers doing 30+ cop an on the spot of 3 months.

    sorry bro
  8. So looks like im definately ****ed aye, do you think its worth going to court? otherwise ill just cop it on the chin and ride it out

    so anyone wanna buy a near new drz with 1300kms on the clock?
  9. Sorry mate, only way around this one, that I know of, is to take it to court and hope the magistrate backdates the disqualification to the date where the police suspension started, so you serve both concurrently. But you have already waived this option.

    RTA won't cut you any slack on this, they are unable to. You have already plead guilty by paying the fine, so you have no option but to just take it on the chin. You are unable to take this to court now.
  10. P-plater?
    30 over?
    Let me know when your court date comes up - I haven't had a good laugh in a while...
  11. Yep it happens, have heard of it happening to ohers, and know of 1 guy that did similar and turned up the RTA at the end of his police suspension to be told he would now have to serve out the demerit points suspension , and they are not served concurrently.
  12. I dont have to go to court and why is it so funny because you never speed or no full license rider ever speeds? Get off your high horse
  13. Actually the laughs on you as he is not the one suspended for 9 months.
    Tough call though this whole suspension business.
  14. Sorry, but concurrent service of penalty is only available to armed robbers, drug dealers, grannie bashers etc etc.
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  15. That you were even considering challenging this in court under the circumstances I highlighted, is laughable.

    Hahahaha - see?!
  16. Doesnt worry me ill save alot of money anyway between insurance and how quick the bike chews through tyres so its not all bad

    Yea I get ya now but im also 26 years old so I thought I might have a chance, if I was 18 or 19 I would agree with you its not even worth thinking about.
  17. Doesn't matter how old you are, there's a P on your license and 30+ on the ticket.

    EDIT: not having a dig, just pointing out that even if you needed the license for work or to get your dying mother to the hospital, you'd probably get no sympathy
  18. This deserves attention.

    Consider this:

    A man pleads guilty to 25km/hr over the posted limit in the local court. The magistrate asks why he has appeared before the court, he replies that he is there to seek time to pay from the registrar, having had difficulties with the SDRO.

    The magistrate takes into account the police suspension, finds the man guilty of the offence and imposes the required suspension period, backdated to the day of the police suspension in light of time already served.

    That just made the offence entirely worth appearing in court for the man. He will have to pay into the VCCL, but may have court fees waived, so there is a downside, but the suspension period is often more of a nuisance.
  19. Why does he have to join the Victorian Country Cricket League? He lives in Sydney and I dunno if he even likes cricket!
    And apart from that, the rest of your post is crap too: it was 30 over not 25, and he is not living your (I suspect) personal history! It's been at least 3 months since the offence, and if he hasn't sorted the SDRO already the courts won't give a fuck.
  20. I have seen 3 month suspensions knocked down to 1 month suspensions for the stupidest reasons. The magistrate literally just decided that "yeah ok sure I don't care what your problem is but yeah, you've been drinking and driving **** we all do it i can relate i like beer so yeah 1 month and you can booze and drive all you want after that".

    Ridiculous really. It's always worth a shot, anyway. You might get a softy.