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Lost keys

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Double_Barrel, Nov 26, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    Just wondering how I can start a bike with no keys. Any idea's?
  2. I lose both keys, it going to cost me $2000-00,
  3. And if I lose my key, it will cost me 5 minutes of fiddling with wires.

    I could be completely facetious, and say that you start it by completing whatever electrical circuits turning the key would complete, but that isn't very useful.

    I suppose you could say it depends on the bike, and your reasons for starting it without the key...
  4. Start "a" bike?

    Does it belong to you?
  5. I wouldn't go fiddling with the wiring loom unless I absolutely had to. The more messing about you do, the more money it's going to cost you to get it fixed back up again, over and above the call-out fee for the locksmith!
  6. All you really need to do is connect power to ignition.. How you can do that I'm not sure without seeing the bike.
    The key simply bridges a connection between the ignition system and battery so if you bypass the keybarrel and just join up the power it should start

    That's assuming its carby and has no alarm or immobiliser.

    But I'm also curious like the others, where did you get a bike that has no keys?

  7. Why would you say that?
  8. Because its not often that someone tries to start a bike that has no keys, and without giving any details about the bike.

    For all we know you could be a genuine guy that just lost the keys to you're own machine, but the first post implies otherwise.

    Perhaps just a better choice of words should have been used, thats all.

  9. You can't figure that out?

  10. I can get it started for you, but if the steering lock is on you are only going to be riding in very tight counter-clockwise circles
  11. Are you going to break into the impound and steal your bike back? :LOL:
  12. I got no keys whatsoever with my Aprilia, so I checked out the situation with another lock on the bike. In my case the underseat lock was easiest to remove, so I took it down to the locksmith and had him make a key to fit. I now use that key to start the bike.

    If you don't have a similar lock that is keyed the same as the ignition, it may be worth taking the fuelcap lock off the bike and plugging the hole with a rag. Take the cap lock down and have a key cut. Might cost you $30 is it needs a rare key size.

    Cheers mate - boingk.

    By the by, it may be worth taking a certificate of ownership down so you don't look too suss. A written transfer, your last rego, whatever.
  13. OP, you haven't even mentioned what bike / model / year etc you own. It kind of screams theft.

    So, was it taken for 48hours or 3 months? :rofl:
  14. That's epic!!

    The trolling that is.
  15. 04 ZX10.

    3 months.

    Not sure if steering lock is on.
  16. I took my key to a locksmith, 2006 Blackbird, He cannot make a new key as the Key has an electronic ID in it, Plus Hiss, He said some time in the future he might be able too, But currently, NO.
    Honda want approx, $2000-00 to replace lost keys, The have to install new lock and computer in the bike,
    I make sure I dont lose my keys.
  17. I'm not too sure if my local locksmith would want to come with me.
  18. So I'm pretty sure i know how you lost your license in the first place.

    Have you been to visit the bike? I don't think your steering lock is going to be a problem, I think the big roller door and the guard on duty might slow you down a bit though.

    Someone's gunna have to explain to me how you get your seat lock out of the bike if you can't get your seat off without the key. Pretty please :)
  19. get done for 230-240 in a 100 zone, no licence, why not add stealing to the charges?

    yep that'll do it!

    what u going to do with the bike *IF* you manage to get your hands on it? can't sell it as the VIN/Eng #'s are recorded. Can't turn it into a track bike since the Police regularly go to track days and record the #'s of the bikes there. This leaves only one avenue, parting the bike out. Since you wont be able to sell the frame or the engine, you'll be lucky to make back 1/2 what the thing is worth. hope u got contacts to move it overseas.

    lastly, the police that troll the forums will, at some stage, get wind of this.

    10 points for brain power.