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lost keys! hiss 01 cbr600 f4i

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Sdobson, Sep 18, 2016.

  1. hi all, new member and new rider!
    i wasting to make my first post a great and exciting post about my first track day (first time even riding a road bike other then getting my license)

    but after the great day yesterday, somewhere between leaving broadford and arriving home, left the car and bikes at a friend because we were well and truly rooted. got back there today to take my bike and gear home. went to grab the key from last place we saw it in the car and no sign!!

    the bike is a track bike and i have no spare and the previous owner didn't supply a spare.

    the reading i have done was all well and good, unbolt ignition from underneath with a torn bolt and take to a locksmith, who will charge my weeks wage as an apprentice and il get a set of keys and be back on the road.

    now that was the plan until i looked into the HISS honda immobiliser, oh boy as far as immobilisers go this is a beauty.

    from what i have now understood i need barrels keys AND A ECU! is this correct? i mean its a sunday and i haven't called the previous owner, local locksmith or honda yet, only reading online.

    someone must have some answers, can i just have the barrel re done? do i need to buy a whole set from wreckers? can i bypass the whole system and start it with a switch (mounted somewhere out of sight) can i start with a switch but still need an aftermarket unit?

    this was supposed to be my cheap entry into the sport the bike only cost me $1500 its starting to sound like this is going to cost near that.

    sorry if i sound like I'm freaking out but i am, thanks guys

  2. gday SdobsonSdobson and welcome to NR - sorry mate I can't help with your question, hope you can sort it out cheaply
  3. Think your right royally scr*wed dude. SpiritechSpiritech might be able to offer more advice on the technicalities.

    My advice, either pray the previous owner has another key, or look a whole lot harder for the one you lost!! As its gunna cost a bomb to be resolved if you don't have at least one key.
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  4. Honda

    There is places around I know 3 of them that can supply cut program keys for just about any bike these days.

    You don't ever need to be screwed by dealerships no more.
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  5. Ask the PO if there is a spare, that's your easiest way out as Gooza said. You CANNOT bypass this system without replacing the ECU, ignition and fuel are electronically controlled and the ECU won't power the controller for that until it sees a valid key.

    Second option is purchase a race ecu and plug it in, Honda race ecus don't have the immo system, but you will then also need to tune the bike.

    Third option is Honda which is new locks, new keys, new ecu.

    Fourth option is a qualified automotive locksmith such as myself, I can make keys to the bike without taking the lock off the bike, then cut the ECU open and write new transponders to it. Retail price is about the $1000 mark though depending on how urgently you want it done and where in VIC you are or if you can bring the bike to me and leave it with me for a day or two for apprentice training purposes I could organise a discount.
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  6. Problem is Nick, that the key needs to be 'chip' matched to the ECU, its not just cutting the blank. Its programming the chip. And he has nothing to 'copy' from.

    Edit: Should have read the link you posted closer. Wonder how much they charge though $$$$$
  7. These places do the same thing I do, cutting the ECU open to access the hardware directly then writing new transponders to the ECU memory. They are making the transponder chip as well as the key, I'm just generally wary of mail-in services such as those because if something goes slightly wrong there's a lot of posting back and forth.
  8. I know this guy personally his name is deet mar and he is more then welcome for you to go visit him at his house.

    He is in ardeer.
  9. It's cheaper then you think gooza.

    I had my gsxr key supplied cut and programmed on the spot for 60.00.
    Took no more then 10 minutes.
  10. That's a clone of a key, this is a situation with lost all keys. Key code needs to be decoded from the locks by some method then the ECU needs to be opened to access the EEPROM, then new transponders written back to it. Your bloke can do it, I actually know of him, never met the bloke though.
  11. Yes I'm well aware that it's more work and more money when you've lost all keys etc.

    I was just giving an example of what it cost for a key etc.
  12. Mate that would be ace, I have been looking and found a guy on eBay doing the same thing. I typed f4i reprogram and he came up. I'm in Northcote and don't need it super urgent but would like to try for another day on the track around October but that being said This key situation could muscle in on the track fund.

    Where are you located, do you want to send me a message to discuss prices? New to the site and can't find how to message on my phone.

    So far I have found the Ebay guy, deet mar mentioned I haven't heard of but spritech, you seem knowledgeable and happy to
    Help, will talk more definstly

    In the mean time
    Il keep going with the detective work!

    Btw this whole immobiliser Buisness is a joke on a bike that 2 crooks can throw in the back of a van before you can say steering lock. Anyway I'm just annoyed and ranting.

    I suppose knowing what I know you would go for an easy target so it's a good defence

    Really appreciate it guys
  13. I'll private message you my number, we can have a chat tomorrow if you like.
  14. Do I get commission ? :sneaky:
  15. Gooza il organize a master class with you some time. Il show you the triple apex then miss the apex on the next 2 corners completely

    Thanks mate il
    Give you a call in the arvo?
  16. I saw this on the ozfirestorm forum... Haven't tried it yet so can't verify, but if it's a track bike and you don't want/need the immobiliser maybe you can give it a go

    "Gday mate,

    HISS is typically looking for 9V on a pink wire to the ECU - which you can fake with a 9V signal generator to test it, then bypass it completely with a Zener diode off a 12V source... Should work up to and including your year model.

    My blackbird cost me about 50c to bypass. Then you can use whatever key and lock you like. Fireblade was the same."
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  17. There goes my commission :banghead:
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  18. That is HISS1 not HISS2 as fitted to current model bikes. in HISS1 the module around the ignition lock checked the key, in HISS2 the ECU does the checking. Most HISS1s have been bypassed long ago.
  19. So a 2001 f4i has HISS2? I thought HISS was fairly new at that time...
  20. Anyway I can't vouch for this, I am just making a suggestion so the OP doesn't have to pay $600 for a new key :-S

    Edit - I'll be glad to know if it works...
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