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lost key!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dthong, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. hey i had lost my keys last night ( i was drunk) how do i get new et of keys i have a ninja 250r.

  2. i'd presume you'd have to get a locksmith out.
  3. Go to your dealer or Kawaski dealer and get them to cut you a key from the key code. You will need to prove your the owner of the bike 1st
  4. so i have to take my bike to a kawasaki dealer and they can do it? and how do i proove it is my bike?
  5. Sales receipt? Copy of your rego and some ID?
  6. how much would it cost roughly?
  7. Less then not having your bike anymore.
  8. If you don't have the code (maybe they can get it from the VIN?) or don't have proof of ownership (license with the same name as the registered operator of the vehicle should be enough) then simply take the fuel cap out, cover the hole with a rag, and take the fuel cap to a locksmith.
    Cost, not too sure but 100 bucks should cover it.

    Very good point, cost will be MUCH less than not being able to ride.
  9. Did you post this in a second thread also?
  10. A locksmith would have to be an idiot to touch it.

    Lost key equals stolen bike as much as it equals careless mishap.
  11. You are absolutely right right but if I was a locksmith I would just use my own judgement as to whether the guy was really an owner in distress or whether he was a bike thief. The police can hardly do anything to a locksmith if they genuinely did not know whether it was a bike thief or not. I would definitely be taking down license and address details though.
  12. so the best option for me is the dealer? otherwise is the locksmith?
  13. correct but make sure you have all proof of ownership you can gather & the code for the key. if you do not have the code then they MAY be able to make a key from the VIN, copy this down, check it, check it again and take this with you.
  14. Just ring the dealer. They'll tell you exactly what you need and what to do.
  15. Hotwire it.

    Then ride it like you stole it.

  16. What if it has an anti hotwire circuit like my bike does, he'll need to suss that out too :p
  17. would it be better if i just towed the whole bike to the dealer?
  18. don't waste your money
  19. Hmm you lost your keys, when you bought the bike, did you get 2 sets one with the code tag? And honestly, why would anyone 'genuinely' worry what it costs to get another set of keys for their bike? I know if I were legit, A. I would go straight to a locksmith, if they pointed me to a dealer, I'd go running or ring and ask what the process is and then go running, why the delay? I dotn get this.. One young lady had her ninja stolen not so long ago and I'd reckon if she'd only lost her keys she'd be back on her bike with news on the same day!!
  20. maybe dthong is the one who stole her bike ;)