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Lost it

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Komunista, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. yesterday was my day off work so i decided to go for a ride with a mate... Anyways to cut a long story short towards the end of our ride when we were headed back home a guy in a van decided to be a bit of a wank and come real close right up my fender... i was travelling about 60 at the time and the speed limit was 60. It was a single lane road so he decide to try and sqeeze his van down the right side and force me over.. Then he does the exact same thing to my mate. Anyways needless to say we were very very f******g angry.. So then we come up to a set of lights and i just lost it. I rode up to his window to have some words and he just looked at me and shrugged like he didnt know what i was talking about... that made me more angry... so i will leave the rest to your imagination as i do not wish to incriminate myself. Lets just say he will think twice before he ever does that to a rider again.

    Has anyone else here ever lost it ?

  2. I almost lost it last Saturday - on the Ipswich Motorway, hadn't been out on the bike for nearly two weeks, following my husband and we got stuck in traffic. Crawling along, when a Honda Jazz decides to tail me - two feet off my back tyre - man I wish I had a P Plate or something on me, so maybe they'd back off. So the traffic comes to a complete stop, and I wave my hand to say 'get back, I'm new at this!' But they don't get it. My husband realised what was going on, so he turned off at the next exit. We pull up at the lights - Honda Jazz is on my ass again!!! The lights changed, we went around the corner and into a car park, so I could calm down and Jazz could f*(k off and leave me alone.

    If my husband gets cut off, out goes the steel capped boots, hello dinted door, bye bye Blackbird!!!
  3. How on earth did he pass you if you were sitting in the right wheel track of the lane? Own your lane! :!:
  4. Oh no. Or maybe he'll try to kill the next rider he sees out of hatred for motorcyclists.
  5. This happened a couple of years ago...

    As I was coming off the Centenary / Ipswich M'way roundabout, heading north, this cage squeezed through in front of me (this was before the lights went in) not travelling too fast. I didn't really have anywhere to go. I was on the lean, guardrails everywhere, so I was wary of braking too hard. I made sure I didn't hit him, which was great, until...

    This a**ehole gets it into his head that I'm tailgating him, so he hit his brakes!! I was up straight now, so I was able to brake harder, but this time we connected. It wasn't a huge hit, more of a melting moment. Well, my tyre melted, right down his rear bumper!! I wasn't sure what damage the bike had sustained, but it didn't feel like it would've been much, perhaps just some paint scraped off the guard.

    I was a wee bit p*ssed off at this stage and motioned for him to pull over, so we could have a chat and inspect the damage, but this guy didn't seem too interested in doing that. He just drove away, up the highway. It didn't take me long to catch him and pull alongside. He just looked straight ahead, so I pulled in front of him, slowed down, then stopped. This was probably not the smartest move, but it was effective. I had an entire lane of the motorway stopped dead.

    I got off the bike and approached him, but he went down the emergency lane and took off again!! I'd forgotten how quick the little 250 was! Caught up again in a matter of seconds, weaving through the traffic. I did the same trick and stopped him (and everyone else) again. The little f*cker went around me again when I went up to him!!!

    This time, as he went past, I grabbed his side mirror and smashed it against his car, then jumped on the bike again. Once more, it didn't take long to catch up to him. My exit was coming up, so I got to one side of his rear and swung a steel-toed boot at his tail light. Unfortunately, I missed. As I continued down the off ramp a cage full of young fella's in front of me started hanging out their windows and clapped and cheered. They must've seen it all happen.

    It took me about an hour to fully calm down. I grabbed a work camera and took a couple of pic's of the front, just in case I'd need them. My biggest regret is that, with all the action, I didn't think to get his rego. Bummer...
  6. My husband always says its best just to get the hell outta there - that's easy on the Blackbird because it really does fly. If you're way out in front of the loser, you're increasing your safety zone. But I think I'd rather get off the road and let them get as far away as possible, so I can ride calmly and get home safely.
  7. he went onto the other side of the road and made me move to the left of the lane...
  8. Your husband is RIGHT.. i wouldnt normally do such a thing but this wanker really got under my skin.... And im soooo sick and tired of wankers like that driving like that and getting away with it.. Im pretty 100% sure this wanker will NEVER EVER do such a thing again and will be more considerate. I actually made him repeat these words

    " I will stop driving like a D***head"

    I was going nuts and he knew it.. i actually made him repeat it like 10 times. Then i requested his licence and wrote down his address and details. I told him that if the police or anyone else comes after me then i will be visiting him and anyone else with his last name. Mannn i was sooo angry
  9. I agree with both of you. This was the only time I've gone off like that. I was just so p*ssed that he'd almost made me stack and then didn't stop.
  10. +1
  11. Ahahahahaha :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    That is absolutely classic. He musta been sh!tn himself.
  12. there has been a few times where i almost lost it. but just gotta be the better man and walk away.
    two things can happen if you do loose it again.
    1: next time the guy see's you he will just ram you w/out notice
    2: he will have hatred against other riders
  13. What, you don't reckon he already has the hatred there if he drives around them like that??

    Good on the OP for teaching him a lesson.

    A size 11 boot in the door tends to leave its mark :p

  14. 1: He almost did ram me
    2: Yes he will ( but he will never ever do that SH*T again )

    Cagers can hate me all they want as long as they dont try and kill me...

    And if we let these wankers get away with it they will continue doing it. Im pretty sure this was not his first time being a dick and "having some fun" with a rider. Im now certain this will be his last time doing it tho... kind of guesse you had to be there
  15. Well done Komunista!! :applause:

    I know it's all part of riding and these things will always happen but it doesn't justify stupidity of drivers! :mad:

    I would have lost it yesterday if I wasn't on the Anzac Bridge (was quite windy) when a silly woman in a small hatchback was chopping and changing lanes left right and centre and not looking. First she was speeding then had to brake hard to stop from hitting me, she then changed lanes so close to me and pulled out in front of a bus! Off she went on her merry way completely oblivious to what she could have done.

    So again, good work Komunista :grin:
  16. I don't know about all this talk of retaliation. I'd hate to be on the receiving end of a car bonnet just because a bike i was riding "looks like the guy that kicked my mirror in". That's just me though

  17. WOW, well my imagination was running wild, so glad you cleared it up in your next post, I've waited a long time at some intersections, but......

    "I will not drive like a di*khead" - ten times

    Then he got his licence out for you, a total stranger, and you managed to write all his details out :?
  18. i get it your implying im lying.. thats all good.. everyone is entitled to their own opinion.....
  19. Believe me...I do understand how the "red mist" can get hold of you, so I can't critizise. Nowadays I just get their number, steer clear, and stay safe.

    But just to make you think about the down-side to your actions...consider yourselves lucky that you've come across drivers who seem to be intimidated by you...because one day when you pick the wrong guy to mess with, you'll be more prepared for the outcome...

    If I was in my cage and honestly believed that I had'nt done anything, or flat out just did'nt know what the heck you were on about, coming up to my car waving your arms and yelling like a lunatic.... I might decide that you are too much of a threat to deal with, and run right over the top of your bike in my efforts to escape, while "I" call the cops to report some nutbag on a bike that tried to attack me in the street, kicking at my car and yelling and screaming in the middle of the road etc etc...(all the while laughing my arse off at your mangled bike, as I drive off down the road in my desperate efforts to escape injury)

    Your bike is toast, I'm the innocent party, and you'll be fixing my car, instead of the other way around....(after they let you out of the klink).

    You can't be a pussy and should'nt be afraid to stick up for yourself, but you should'nt be throwing your chest out on a bike when the other bloke is in a car, more than you have to...
  20. +1 to RAVEN

    just concerened if the guy retaliated and put you in a serious condition