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Lost in Choice

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by nathan2145, Apr 11, 2009.

  1. hey guys,

    been lurking on here tryin to find sum info but can't find anything that really helps.

    straight out, wanna get a bike, but i can't get past the chrome, sound and looks of the cruiser bikes. A long trip down the coast, cruising along really appeals to me.

    I can appreciate the sports bikes for the awesome adrenaline rush that you would get through every ride, but i just can't see them being 100% what i want.

    But being so young for a cruiser lifestyle im worried i'd look like a tool, all the guys are telling me bout their CBR's etc and that's what everyones riding. should i go with the sports bikes which i really like, or the cruisers that i really love?
  2. Buy whatever you want to buy.
  3. Hi there, and welcome to the boards!

    Have you got any riding experience on the sorts of bikes you're interested in? This will play a large part in helping you make up your mind - if a bike doesn't appeal to you in a riding sence, then it own't matter how cool it looks, it'll just be a pain to ride and you won't enjoy it.

    Go for test rides, perhaps ask some mates nicely if you'd be able to have a short ride on their bikes. You may find that you lean towards an unexpected kind of bike, a dual-sports or sports-tourer perhaps.

    Cheers - boingk
  4. sports bonks a cruiser = naked.
  5. i've been a pillion to different bikes before, and i've ridden some bikes overseas but nothing too serious.

    yea been looking at the nakeds, look preety mean, can you suggest any bikes? would it be fair to say this is kinda where a sports bike meets a cruiser?. (cause something in the middle might work)
  6. go and have a look at a triumph street triple. There is also an R version.

  7. Mate, age has nothing to do with it. I'm 23 and just traded in my CBR for a cruiser, because I knew that's the style of bike I wanted and I wasn't going to be totally happy untill I owned one. I find cruisers are more comfortable and therefore better as a daily rider.
    Sure you may miss the chance to get the bike right over on the corners and you won't be able to keep up with the sports bikes through any of the twisties. However you will enjoy riding soo much more, especially as you said, just jumping on and going on a long trip with just you and your bike.
  8. If you want a cruiser buy one. Be happy with your choice and dont nod to any other kind of bike!!
  9. You have two choices. Do what you want and stop worrying about "looking like a tool". Alternatively base your decision on your perception of conforming to everybody else's expectations.

    Personally I don't think the choice is so tough. But let me know if you need more guidance on that one.
  10. +1 Why give a shit what anyone else thinks? You're paying for the bloody thing and it's you that will be riding it so get whatever floats your boat. :)
  11. If there was a girl you liked, and a girl you loved, and god (or your preferred supreme being) said you could have one, which would you choose?

    I've been where you are mate. For me it was a Suzuki VL250 versus a Kawasaki ZZR250. Which did I buy? The one I could do 160 kph on, duh!

    That's my love affair, speed. What's yours?
  12. Nathan all I can say is don't worry about what other people think of you "looking like a tool on a cruiser" at the end of the day people do not look at you they look at the bike :grin:
    What I'm saying is that you need to be happy with what YOU want.
    I have rode trail bikes for well over 20yrs and now recently got my first road bike being a Hyosung GV250 cruiser over a month ago and now upgrading to a c50.
    I could've gone for speed but the way I look at I love my family (2 kids) my gf (3kids) and extended family to go and kill myself (or others) just cos I can do 240kmls an hr on a sports (to much temptation) bike plus you've got the cagers to worry about.
    The way I see it I would rather have my gf 2 up cruisin up the pacific towards Byron doing 110 feeling the wind and have enough time to glance at the ocean.
    Go the cruiser buddy you'll love it :grin: and oh yes dont forget to nod if you see me :grin:
  13. Nathan,

    Don't worry about anyone else. If you want a cruiser get one. You migh find you prefer something else later but that's half the fun.

    In general when riding do what works for you. Try not to be inluenced by the way others ride, what they think of your bike or what kind og gear they wear.

    Riding is an awesome way to spend some time with a group or by yourself. Just have fun.

  14. you will listen to Seany

    you will listen to Seany

    you will listen to Seany

    you will listen to Seany
  15. You should get what YOU want :grin: I'm a 23 year old, female, and I'm getting a Hyosung Aquila GV250 <3 I love cruisers.. They look so sexy! Personally at the moment I'm not worried about speed/power, I'm just a learner. I just want to get out on my sexy bike and have a good time :grin: I just want to ride along the beach and cruiiisseeee - no racing for me.
  16. Are you single? :p
  17. LoLz, it never takes long :LOL:
  18. hey

    thanks for all the help guys, heaps of stuff to think about, at least im feeling a bit more open minded bout it all. from when i was talkn to otha people the best advice ive been gettin is to just start jumpig on sum bikes and see wat calls to me. what ever decision i make, i just wanna ride at the end of the day!