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Lost confidence :(

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by quixotic, Oct 11, 2006.

  1. HI guys,

    well i went out for my first Qride lesson today. It's the first time i've been in charge of a road bike (ridden pillion pleanty of times). Absolutely blitzed the skid pan (netball courts) work, nailed the figure eights, gear changes and u-turns, then we went out into the back streets...

    As we were coming down a suburban street this car reversed straight out of the driveway towards the instructor and I, the instructor sweved out of the way where as i went "oh sh*t" and ran up onto the neighbouring front lawn to get out of the way. After that my nerves were just shot, I couldn't stop shaking. I thankfully didn't put the bike down but i could barely ride back to the centre.

    I have another lesson next week but i'm worried that if something like this happens again there's no way as a new rider I can avoid it....what can i do to get my confidence back?

  2. Hey, unfortunately this is the reality of bike riding! Looks like you avoided the situation nicely cause you're here telling us about it! It's good to see you're taking lessons so it looks like you're well on your way to becoming a good rider. Keep it up!
  3. Well done, you avoided the car and kept the bike upright and most important, you are safe. Confidence will come with more practice.

  4. Other n00bs prolly would have frozen and slammed into the car, so at least you know your survival instincts are working.

    Be happy, take deep breaths, and know that soon you'll be truely able to experience the sense of freedom that only a motorbike can give.
  5. Just put it down to experience. Cover ur brakes..
  6. You learn the fundamentals in the controlled situation, but it's in the real world that you gain experience.

    You could have ridden straight into the car; but you reacted in a way that saved your butt... that's got to be a good thing! :)

    These things happed all the time. Experience will teach you what to look out for, and how to be ready, and how to react effectively. It does sound a little to me like the street your instructor chose to ride down wasnt the greatest choice?

    Having said all that; Riding isnt for everyone. That's not a meant to be-little you at all, just step back and have a think about why you want to ride :)

    If you get back on the bike; Once you're over these jitters, and have some experience, you'll wonder what all the fuss was about :p
  7. I've got a more stupid loss of confidence today. Decided I'd ride my bike up into my garage to give it a nice clean and some hugs. I have a very very steep driveway, its a kind of sharp curve, and is just less than 30 metres.

    Warm day, but thought it would be a bad idea to go up without warming it up a bit, so I drove it down and back up the street. Started going up the driveway on my way back, kept in second. Half way up before I felt the engine getting emotional on me, tried to throttle but it didn't do anything. About 6 metres from the top when it stalled, on a very steep bit.

    I was FREAKING out, lucky bro was home so I yelled for help and together we got it up the rest of the way (damn it was heavy and hard, think I hurt my back a bit though :( ) Would have gone alot worse, lesson learnt... don't do that..

    About that.. I'd be right in saying next time I should go up in first gear? And do I need to warm it up more first? Thanks!
  8. Keep riding. And congrats on handling the situation fairly well, all things considered. Positive self-talk and (as mentioned) covering your brakes will help you a lot.
  9. phizog-
    its all a part of learning, not only your ability but the bikes ability too.

    DO NOT lose heart, you will get it down pat soon enough!!

    if it helps, think of it like this, (assuming you drive a car) would your car make it up your driveway in 4th?

    dont be afraid to grab another gear and dont be afraid to ask questions of your teachers.
    knowledge IS power after all.

    good luck :)
  10. quixotic well done really, on grass and still upright. I have a steepish but short drive drive way but I always go in 1st gear..you're not going after than 20 up the driveway anyway right?

    I find that just sitting on the bike in teh garage is calming and reall let you get to know you bike..then again I care too much about my bike..i've been told
  11. Learn to do things properly, slowly. Then learn to do them faster. Go up the drive in 1st.
  12. Let do a 250cc ride day!!! I haven't done any netrider rides yet..Damn VTR1000 SP2s provoke bike envy!!!
  13. you did everything right to avoid the car id be happy about that. what did the instructor say?
  14. Yeh I gave my bike big hugs when I was cleaning it, made us feel better.

    First sounds like the way to go. Is how warm it is a factor as well? ie should I get the bike more warmed up before I try something that steep?

    Ta all
  15. ^^
    well said!

    there is NO hurry to get out there, get it right and you increase your chance of survival :grin:
  16. :applause: Well done for some serious riding.
    I think what everybody has been telling you is right on the money.
    Any day you walk away is a good day. You can either look at it as, 'Today i nearly had an accident', or 'today I totally avoided an accident.'
    And riding is about avoiding accidents. So you've got more experience up you sleeve already than somebody who hasn't had too yet.

    As for the confidence shake. It sounds like you may have gone 2 steps forward and a bit of a step back. No sweat. Give yourself a little time to get back to where you were. Make sure your instructor understands where you are with it, and gives you the time.

    But don't let it knaw at you. You're now a much better rider for the experience. Now you have respect.

    Wish you well, keep us posted on your progress.
  17. +1 You've probably done better than a lot of us here. As your experience grows, you'll start to look out for signs that someones going to do something daft. That helps you avoid the need to go up peoples gardens, but the fact that you stayed upright is pretty cool.

    Welcome to the wonderful World of bikes!
  18. Congrats Quixotic, you just handled a really ugly situation with the best possible outcome! Hope your instructor had words with the idiot car driver! Talk to him so he can help you work thru the jitters! These can actually be healthy as they keep you alert which will keep you safe!

    Phizog, did you remember to turn your fuel tap on? If so you may have simply stalled by being 1 gear to high! Practice makes perfect so just remember easy does it!

    Good luck to you both!
  19. quixotic, sounds like you handled it the right way. maybe try some easy riding in car parks or controlled conditions so you can get your confidence back up. Got anyone to go riding with?

  20. I was in second gear, and fuel tap was on. Full tank.