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Lost Bike Keys

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Panthus, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. It seems my little Suzuki Bandit's keys have vanished.

    Anyone have any idea how much a locksmith goes for to replace keys?

    Anyone recomend a locksmith near the Ryde,NSW area?

    Anyone know if theres a system of getting numbers off the lock and getting keys that way even if it is a grey import from the year 1990?

    Oh so many questions...
  2. if its a grey import, no hope of getting the numbers as Honda here don't have the records.

    Someone just paid $150 for a new set of keys and barrel I think

    Yellowpages for a locky, get them to make you a new set of keys, cheaper if you take the barrels out for them
  3. http://www.independentlocksmiths.com.au/
    ring and ask for a workshop near u

    take of the barrels all of em as they may have to make several keys for one bike.

    as they dont usaly make a key thats a good as the original ass each locks (apparently) reads diffrent pins, 40$ per barrel
  4. Re: Your loast keys

    A friend of mine also lost his keys recently. Fortunatly he'd not engaged the steering lock on his (old) GSXR 1100. Therefore we could remove the ignition.
    I took the ignition to Acorn Locksmiths at Sefton (02 9644 1046). They dismantled the ignition, cut a key for the ignition etc. All for $40 buks a second key was $8.00 I think.
    Can you remove the ignition off your bike??

    A new ignition would be I expect in the $200.00 range, the key cutting exercise is significantly cheaper. OH and my friend mentioned to me that the key's they cut for him open all the locks on the bike..