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Lost battery terminal nut, help!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by NrKy, Dec 31, 2009.

  1. I went on holidays, disconnected my battery so it wouldn't discharge, and put it in a secure location. I come back from holidays, and my brother has decided to nest, and moved everything in the house.
    Lucky me gets to come back home to a battery with one nut missing! OH NOES!

    It's one of those annoying square ones that keep falling out if you disconnect the battery whilst the bike is on the side stand.

    I've called Repco, Bob Jane T-Mart, and I am waiting until after the new year to call up the mechanics, but my hopes aren't high. I've temporarily taped the negative terminal up with electrical insulator tape (praying that it won't short, but can the grounding terminal short in the first place?), but I need a more permanent solution, short of buying a new battery (this one is three months old, GAH!)

    So if anybody has any idea as to where I can find this random obscure part for my beastie ('89 Honda CBR 250 MC19), please let me know.

    Cheers, NrKy.
  2. Take the bolt to one of those big hardware chains, give it to the guy at the counter and pay him. It will be cheaper than going to a bike shop.
    Ps if the bolt is looking ordinary get that as well at the same time.
  3. As in Bunnings, Mitre10, HomeHardware? *slaps forehead*](*,) This is why I love this forum, you can always find a REALLY OBVIOUS ANSWER to random obscure questions when you have a total brain fart due to too many bike injuries.

    Thanks bretto, I'll give them a shot. :)
  4. Don't know that you'd find a square nut at bunnings. I imagine you'd have better luck at a proper nut and bolt shop, or bursons, or a battery shop (who might give you one for free from an old battery).

    Failing all that, I might have one lying around, and Carnegie isn't far out of my way (heading into the city after dinner tonight).
  5. +1 for specialist auto battery shop
  6. Ok, found my old battery waiting for the next trip to the tip / hard rubbish collection.

    It had one nut, and one bolt.
    Nut is a rectangle, 11mm x 8mm x 4mm thick. I think it's an M5 thread.
    Bolt is 11mm long, hex and phillips head, same thread of course.

    Let me know if you can use it...

    PS: handy hint for the future - replace all fasteners in their correct place as you go, or in labeled zip lock bags if you are doing something complex you haven't done before.
  7. *sigh*
    Just tried calling a dozen battery retailers, and my mechanics... no answer. 3pm on NYE not working hours in this country, I suppose.

    The nut is 6.5mmWide, 8.5mmDeep, and 3.5mmHigh. I don't think it's metric.
    Bolt is 13mm long, thread is 5mm in diameter, hex head, 8mm diameter (the head). It looks like it used to be blue at one stage.
  8. Temporary solution: Cable ties.
    Cheap and nasty, but will hopefully do the job, for now.
  9. Battery Tip 101. When you replace a battery, always take the bolts and nut off it before it goes to the tip. Put them in a jar labelled "Battery Bolts" and put it in the drawer in your garage where you keep your important bike stuff.

    Yes, I know it's no help NOW, but it will be next time...and there WILL be a next time.
  10. Any nut and bolt that fits will do the job.

    Take the bolt in to Stupidcheap, screw it in to the size finder on the (spinning display) nut and bolt stand.
    Grab pack of nuts, job done.

    +1 keep 'em when you throw batteries away.

  11. Try wreckers. they'll give it to you for free
  12. Magnet rods are my friend.
    I went over the whole floor of the bloody garage with the magnetic screwdriver, and it appeared! WOOT!

    But at least now I know to keep the bolts and nuts when I throw out batteries... unfortunately the last two times my bike 'needed a new battery', it was at the mechanics.
    Personally, I'm starting to think that bike mechanics are only there to screw us over.
  13. Not a hard one to fix. Just hellicoil the terminal to accept the bolt. Probably an 8x1.25.