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Loss of power

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by jenjams, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. I was riding home from work today. I have just started a new job which requires me to ride the bike in everyday. Anyway I was cruising down the Tulla this evening and the bike siddenly lost power. I pulled over and turned everything off. I had lights etc. I went to start it and it didnt start. I then put the choke on and tried to start it again. Ot then started straight away. I pushed the choke off and rode home with no more incident.
    I left it a couple of hours then just went out to check if it started. Straight away.... Any ideas on what happened?
    I am fairly bike illiterate. I can get on, steer, change gears and put fuel in then ride away.... thats bout it.

  2. Sounds like a fuelling issue to me.
    If it started when you put the choke on then there may have been a blockage in the fuel lines. If it persists then it's probably worth while taking it to a mechanic, otherwise... don't buy fuel from rubbishy servo's.


    ...AND THEN i found the other thread where you described what your oil light is doing! Check your oil immediately please. Put it on it's centrestand and check the oil level... make sure it actually has got a decent amount of oil.
  3. Yep, sounds like fuel blockage. Most likely it will never happen again, but heed Koma's advice re rubish petrol stations. :)
  4. yeah i had a problem like that in the car and it was the fuel filter that had soo much crap in it
    so changed filter and clean fuel tank and was all sweet after that
  5. When i start my bike after a short break from riding, it seems to lack power. The bike is still warm and it lags when i try to rev it. After around 5 - 10 seconds its fine. Any clues? Could that be bad fuel too?
  6. Out of interest is your bike running rich? Cos it sounds like when it's hot it's bogging down just after you start it up. If once it's had a bit of a rev it's right to go again, then it definitely sounds like it just a carby issue.
  7. Yeah... cheers, i'll get my service guy to check it out next time it goes in for a full service.
  8. Check your air filter too while you are at it.
  9. Jen,

    This could be a fuel vent blockage. There's been a few in this forum in the past 12 months. Thats why it gets better when you leave it for a bit.

    Also check all fuel and vacuum hoses for good connections

    Honda Phantom,

    Sorry. I nomally don't pick on people for their gramma, because I'm bad myself, but can you re-explain your problem, because I don't get what is happening from what you wrote.
  10. What Koma Said... I had the same prob. :)
  11. I suggest you ride downhill, to and from work each day. Then gravity will make you faster lol