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Loss of power at WOT

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by smileedude, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. Last night I was on my way home on the m4 on my scooter (model sym hd200). I was in the right lane, wide open throttle doing 115. All of a sudden I lost throttle, It wasn't revving when I twisted. I had been WOT for about 10 mins. I tried to pull over in heavy traffic while I slowed down, but after 3-5 seconds the engine clicked back in and kept running.

    I was roughly through a quarter of a tank of fuel, 95 octane.

    What could cause this? is it something I need to be concerned about? I certainly didn't feel very safe losing power at that speed and don't want it to happen again.
  2. How cold was it? Could be icing carbs?

  3. It was 13C air temp, and I had been riding for at least 45 mins. So nope.

    Could a little water in the fuel tank cause this?
  4. I should add that, it's pretty old, 65000 kms. Also last time I had it serviced I got told the pressure in the carby is a little low and the cost to fix it isn't worth it. I've been wanting to get rid of it for a while and buy a propper bike, but couldn't be bothered with the whole "selling of an old warn out scooter that I haven't kept good servicing records of" thing. So I wouldn't mind being told some bad news right now.
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  5. Your scooter sucks, and you look stupid on it.

    There, how's that?
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  6. You are riding something like this in freeway traffic??

    Dude, time for an upgrade! lol
  7. That's my girl, I think I've nearly killed her. Not long to go now.

    She still gets to 120 and I spend most of my time overtaking in the right lane. But yes I'm well and truely ready for update and I think it is almost time for a "what bike is for me thread".
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  8. The "Rascal" for you, I think

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  9. That is a pretty nice score for a scooter - 65 grand!
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  10. Go the Rascal, I tell ya!
  11. If you want to to a quick test on your scooter, just put in a new air filter and spark plug. One of two things may have happened. Not enough air flow = loss of power at WOT.

    Also, not a hot enough spark at WOT = loss of power.

    It may not be getting enough air, or it may be getting too much fuel which can cause a slight rich event at WOT leading to an incorrect burn and loss of power, they are almost kind of the same symptom from two different parts. Replace them both, and it may be good as new. It's only $20 or so in parts if you do it yourself?

    good luck
  12. Cheers VT but you're a day late. She well and truely died. It had a newish plug and airfilter. But she completely died, and wouldn't start. It was making a horrible squeeky noise when trying to start. It belongs to scooter wreckers now. She had a good innings.
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  13. edit: Oh, I see a mod has been messing around with my thread. Cheers, will keep the new bike discussion in the other thread.
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  14. No worries mate. Good luck with the replacement!