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Loss of power above 6k rpm

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by BJ, Jun 30, 2007.

  1. Hey all i finally got the pressure plate for my clutch and fixed up all those issues then went finally for my first ride in 2 weeks and the chain fell apart as i was riding.... :? luckily only the split pin had come out and that was the link that dropped out was at very low speed so chain didn't dmg anything.
    Fixed that and now another issue... christ this hasnt been a good month for my bike
    It's a hornet 600 and acceleration is fine up to around 6k rpm then it just dies off.. feels very much like it's not getting enough fuel i drained the bowls out and took it for another spin but it's still doing it so tomoz im taking the carby's out and seeing if its blocked at all.
    Is that more than likely the problem or could it be a little more sinister because i was giving it to her alot today and then 10mins later the problem started.

  2. plugs? air filter? leads?
  3. ..

    plugs were replaced 2,000 km ago along with new air filter. LEads not sure about I'll check them out as well.... its just weird that the bike runs fine until high rpm .
  4. fixed

    All good took the carby's out today and inside the far left one the jet was clogged with a small metal shaving... got that out and the beast is back!!!
  5. Do you know where the shaving came from? or was it just washed from the tank to the float bowl? any needle scratching?
  6. nah

    no idea where the shaving is from although is was that brassy colour the same as the jets on the carb and some other bits and pieces. No marks or any indication it has come off my bike :? so hopefully it's nothing bike is running perfect now and feels really good all of the other jets and bowls were fine so hopefully it remains all good.
  7. Heh, well, put it down to the bike slowly engineering itself to increase the power-weight ratio. :p. It just had to undergo some self-machining :p