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loss of licence

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by DeepWater, Aug 9, 2006.

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  1. Just out of interest how many people have lost their bike licence through excessive speed or loss of 12 points?

    also what bike were you riding?
  2. Never even had a ticket on it. :grin:

    or is that :oops:

    :LOL: :LOL:
  3. are you in deep shiit deep water?
  4. oh yeah -twice-- one on the spot 12months suspension and one3 month suspension instead of 12month good behaviour bond--- as if i could take that--bike is irrelevant ---- speeding is BAD!!!!! :evil:
  5. Haven't ever even been pulled over on the bike, not even just for a licence check.

    Done my car licence twice when I was old enough to know it all though.
  6. hahahaha, thankfully not currently. was just interested cause i was talking to a fellow rider today and we were comparing suspensions, lol, and i just wanted to know if it was more of a sports biker thing and/or has many other riders been their done that.

  7. Bike license nup :twisted:
  8. Haven't lost license, have had a ticket.

    All of 109 in a 100 zone!!! (If I was in my own state I would have been fine, not fined!)


    (I was taking the photo, My mate is the one leaning into the cop car window to get a photo of the speed readout)
  9. dave u win lol first car then bike !
  10. lol, shhhh matty, lol
  11. Ditto not so much as a ticket on the bike. As a matter of fact have never done any points in the car.
  12. Have never lost a point for car or bike, but my husband has in my car which went on my licence, cos "you have less chance of getting done for speeding" :evil:
  13. i've used up 11 points in the last 12-18 months :cool:
    all on bike.
    my worst was 106 in 100 zone :evil:
  14. lost 5 points on bike, 7 points in the car, 2 x 1 month suspensions (4 point loss's each 1 car, 1 bike)
  15. No points lost on bike just one fine in car for some CRAP side road that is the local hot spot to catch people as I was told after it happened that is a big side road off a 70km/h road in werribee that is almost the same size which is a 50 km/h limit which the speed camera was before the sign. Seems most people like me assumed it was the same as both roads almost same size/width you'd expect it to be same speed limit but there is a school on the road further up so it's 50km/h. First time I had ever been on it and got caught like many others :roll:
  16. I've never lost a single point on the bike.
  17. I have the luck the Irish, technicaly I have naver lost a point off my licence.

    I'm just lucky to get away with what I do and I don't speed often, I pick my spots but have been saved by oncomers flashing lights : )

    With a clean licence and good record, you can write away pleading your case and have them cancelled. 135 in 100 zone overturned : ) or was it the other one?
  18. x2
  19. It'd hard to lose points for speeding when you don't ride it :wink:
  20. Never had a problem on the bike. One one month suspention in the cage.