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Loss of licence

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bwhcb, Oct 29, 2013.

  1. Just received a letter in the mail today informing me I will be loosing my motorcycle licence for 3 months. Spewing!
    I got done doing 81 in a 60 zone on a very quiet road (no excuses, just stating!). But what I wasn't aware of is that because I am only a P1 rider, even though I hold a HR licence as soon as you accrue 4 points on your P1 rider licence you loose it for 3 months.
    Gonna be a long summer letting it sit in the garage on a sunny weekend!

  2. Sorry to hear mate. 81 oh no, think of the children ;-) . Have to organise a run to the pie when u get it back
  3. Do you lose your whole license or just the P1-R class?
  4. It's gonna be very long 3 months .
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  5. Ha ha I'm hearin ya.
    Bloody oath mate looking forward to it
  6. Naa I just loose my P1 rider licence for 3 months. Get too keep the car/HR
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  7. I stand corrected

  8. Why stop there - surprised you didn't pick up the 'too'
  9. What's even more surprising is there are people out there who actually have time up their sleeves to pick out all the spelling mistakes on motorcycle forums ;)
  10. Well, the loose/lose one is a pet favourite of mine, along with your/you're.

    Yeah, I got time up my sleeve, so I only seek out spelling mistakes on motorcycle forums only. I don't give a fcuk about scooter forums. They can do as they please.

    Hang on... I spelt fcuk wrong.

    All in good fun.
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  11. I agree. Fcuk the scooter forums.

    Like you said, it's only a bit of fun only :D
  12. I HAVE time up my sleeve would have been preferable.
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  13. motorbike, motorcycle is the USer spelling.
  14. ive got a rabbit up mine, oh wait I think its in my hat
  15. This is not the way I saw this thread going! Lol
  16. What, you thought it would sit in the shed for three months? With the pedants reading it, I thought it would obviously derail. And now "Ol'" Uncle Greg has joined it. It could get epic.
  17. I'm happy to sit back and watch it unfold mate
  18. Isn't it about the spelling, not the grammar? :confused: