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NSW Loss of licence? No Helmet

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by d7b, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. Hi folks,

    so i read here that NSW has no demerit points on your L's.

    I pulled out of my garage on the road (by no means major) and backed up to the curb. A police officer sped past, breaking hard and rushed back to give me a fine. Whilst doing this they also told me: 'We were on a TOP PRIORITY assignment but we HAD to deal with you as we would have been liable if we hit you' (I didn't have a helmet on)

    Granted...but sure hope nobody died or got raped due to these pigs finding it more important to grab me. I wish they had hit me :-S

    Anyways, i complied whilst clenching my fists behind my back for wanting to beat the life out of the 2 female child officers (who no dount stopped me as they didn't have the minimals to deal with the real beef they were assigned to, like 90% of cops really).

    in brief: do i lose my license? 3 demerit points and I cant get any... But i read before that they transfer them to your P's which i can go for now.

    I wouldn't have cared in the slightest if i lose my license and get a fine (ill sell my husky to replace it with bargain basement share prices at the moment), but to hear her say she de-prioritised a top priority task as a result of my taking my bike out of the garage for a mate to ride (who was standing at the curb with a helmet)... can cops even do this!? Do you worry about yourself when you call 000 from now on?! i know i will!
  2. They sound like total tossers to me. Challenge it by letter of appeal, that'll buy you a few years til they get aroudn to it, by which point you'll have your fulls so won't lose your license.
  3. Let them take it to court and explain to the magistrate that you were only moving it - especially if you have your mate as a witness. If you can afford the time it's worth it. Not only will you probably get off but at the very least you've removed these two idiots from circulation for a day so they aren't booking anyone else for a triviality. :roll:

    My suspicion is that it will be quietly dropped if you do this.
  4. 'They sound like total tossers to me. Challenge it by letter of appeal, that'll buy you a few years til they get aroudn to it, by which point you'll have your fulls so won't lose your license.'

    hahahahah!!! my god its so brilliant! bureaucracy will save my sorry ass.

    Thanks for the posts gents, most helpful.
  5. Edit that title mate or the Politics mod will lock the post.

    Read the stickies.
  6. reading now. thanks for the heads up
  7. I remember when I did my QRide 2 years ago (in QLD, mind you) the instructor told us repeatedly that the law actually requires a rider to wear a helmet when they are near a motorcycle that they can ride off on.

    This sounded ridiculous (and I told him so), but he insisted that technically, they can book you if you don't wear your helmet even if you are just sitting on your bike, putting on your gloves, bike not even turned on. So what is required is for us to start wearing the helmet about 1-2 metres from the motorbike.

    I've never checked it myself to see if it's true, but I always kept that in mind (as I sit on my idling bike, helmet off, putting on my gloves :p ).
  8. ...just before you remember that you need your gloves off to do up your helmet...
  9. You know what....you're right....I VERY OFTEN do this. :oops: I will find that out as I put on the helmet, and go "duh", take off one glove, and then do up the helmet.

    I don't know why I never learn. :mad:
  10. Let's see...."pigs", "I wish they had hit me", "wanting to beat the life out of the 2 female child officers"....

    You're a first-rate f$%^wit with a really bad attitude. And don't start with any shit about "I wouldn't feel that way if they hadn't picked on me" because people who would EVER say those sorts of things never have had and never will have a good attitude towards cops. Sounds like it was the Karma Police that made them take aim at you. Serves you right. You know what, I don't really care if what the cops did might have seemed excessive or unwarranted, if it meant taking a licence off the likes of you! One less bad-attitude dickhead on the road.

    Oh, sorry....were you looking for sympathy......
  11. Maybe they should take away yours too? Your attitude isn't exactly brilliant either...

    Why do you always have to act like such an egotistical tosser whenever someone has something bad to say about cops Greg? I agree that his post is a little over the top but the point of his message is still the same. If half the cops are anything like you it's no wonder they're looked on as 'the enemy'
  12. seriously mate, calm down. Sorry to have offended.

    If you couldn't pick up my overly animated writing style to express my emotions at the time, you aren't my target audience.

    I was asking a question about the loss of my learner permit. And it is pretty obvious i knew i was doing something wrong and as a result dont want sympathy.

    As i said, and honestly meant it: I lose my license, and I will still wake up happy as ever.

    And to the rest of you, thanks for being logical deconstructionists who can look through the meanings of words to see them as exactly that: words.
  13. I was about to post a rant, but it will not do anything for the cause of riders or the police force so I have decided to refrain.

    Gegvasco, perhaps you should also consider that before posting.

    Things that are posted here can be seen by all and can un-necessarily damage the reputations of groups that already face an uphill struggle.

    D7b, I hope they review this and see it for what it is... IMO, a minor slipup that warrants nothing more than a caution. Sounds like you have a level head and will make a worthy addition to the riding fraternity.
  14. "Haha, sure love. Everyone knows they give the blokes the real policework, but I'm sorry if I made you late for getting your hair done or whatever."
  15. my other half got pulled in for a breath test on the bike recently.
    the cop who pulled him over told him to take off his helmet so he could be breath tested.
    tony said 'um..., no. how about I leave my helmet on & just blow through the tube?'
    the cop said 'nah it's easier if you take off your helmet'
    so tony started to get off his bike
    the cop said 'what are you doing?'
    tony said 'if you want me to take my helmet off, I need to get off my bike so you don't book me'
    the cop said 'nah it's ok'
    tony said 'sorry mate but you might not know the laws about being required to wear a helmet when sitting on a running bike, but i'm not going to take the chance that all these other cops here are going to choose to not book me.'
    cop said 'oh ok just blow in the tube and leave your helmet on'

  16. I have a habit of filling up my tyres at the local servo, then riding without my helmet to the pump to fill it up, then i pay(cause no helmet allowed in servo station to pay) then i get on the bike and ride it helmetless away from the pump so others can use it, then I put my helmet on, I wonder if those cops were at that servo if they would give me a ticket for that
  17. A servo is private property, not public roads so you don't have to have your helmet on.
  18. Not so sure about that. A privately-owned driveway (even your own driveway) or privately-owned carpark is a "road-related area" and therefore still subject to the rules of the road. I'm fairly sure a service station would come under the same banner.
  19. If that's the case, then we'd better hand ourselves in for trespassing. If it's open to and used by the public (just like a shopping centre carpark) then it's a road related area as suggested by Spots and you can be infringed.
  20. If anyone has a problem with me having a red hot go at someone who is such a wanker when it comes to slagging off the cops then let me call 1800-chaplains for you. Maybe they will give a shit.

    Egotistical wanker - whatever. You bag out the cops like that and I will respond. These are people who get paid way too little to do a shitty job and at the end of the day they may be putting themselves in harms way to protect people who can't protect themselves. They shouldn't get slagged off at like that just because someone doesn't like the way they are doing their job. Have a good look at what was said. It would take some effort to be any more aggressive and abusive of them. FFS he said he wanted the physically assault them!

    What a load of shite. Words can get you in a lot of trouble. Words can destroy relationships. Words can even get people convicted in a court of law. And this is a forum based primarily on words. So don't try to back out of the statements you made by discounting them. If you didn't mean it then say so and take them back.