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Losing your Rego plate

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Faramir, May 10, 2007.

  1. Has anyone lost their rego plate whilst riding. (I mean the clear plastic cover that holds your rego sticker, in NSW blue for '07, red for '08). Mine fell off whilst heading north at The Grand Pde, between Ramsgate and Brighton le Sands. Luckily, a kind car driver saw my plate fall off and told me at the intersection of President Ave. ("About 150 metres back" - it was about 300 metres back) I kept doing circles and rode along The Grand Pde a number of times. Then I spotted it, turned left at next street, rode along the foot path, Park on a driveway. Pace up and down on foot until I found it.

    Next time I always check that something simple as rego sticker is secured to the rego plate.
  2. Yep, about 5 months ago I lost the rego label, and last weekend I lost the number plate itself (it was damaged when the rego label came off)

    So now I have a new rego :)
  3. A while ago I lost the numberplate on my bike. I just reported it to the police, got a piece of paper from them saying that it had been lost, and another one had to be issued.
    I rode for about 3 weeks with no plate, and didn't get pulled up once, riding about 200km's a day.
  4. Up here if you lose the plate it costs about $80 to get a new one made.. changing the rego costs $20
  5. Mine was 'lost' (read: yoinked). Kept it in the boot after that - they're a little 'vunerable' on bikes.

    New bike has a fairly secure attachment for the rego holder, so I'll see how it goes. If I lose another one, it's going into the boot again. :p
  6. yep - didn't notice it happen. in fact didn't notice it was gone til i went to clean the bike next (something i like to do at least once every six months). so heaven knows how long it had been gone. then took me a while to get a new one and meanwhile had to look wide-eyed at the officer pulling over bikes on the side of the road and go "gee officer, i didn't know it wasn't there - i'll get onto it right away" :wink:
  7. Yep lost it too many times......now I just loctite it down
  8. I've heard this before, but dont get it. Easy to steal... but why steal it in the first place? Just for the appearance of having a registered vehicle for the person who steals it? Wouldnt stand up to much scrutiny and would then result in a maaaassive fine I would have thought.

    Is that the reason?
  9. I cable tie it to one of the bottom holes of my rego plate.
    Not lost one yet
  10. My rego holder fell off last week.
    In Vic, simply call vicroads (and wait on the line for 20-30min) and you can get them to re-issue you with a new one on the spot.
    Costs about $14 bucks and takes about 4 days to arrive.
    But why do we have to pay for a re-issue? It's not like we don't pay enough to rego a bike here; but that's another story...
  11. & $2.50 for a plastic holder.

    Call waiting times are shocking eh. I've been ringing them a bit lately
    and most of the times I got the engages tone. When I did get a line
    the day before last, it was a 20min waiting time. Just as well I had a
    headset on. :roll:

    Its a Gubbyment dept. They dont do nothing for free & will fleece your
    f*cken pockets at each & every opportunity.
  12. Get a good holder
  13. Hey Thomo

    Thats awesome mate. :grin: :cool:

    I've seen something very similar on ebay but the $45 price tag
    stopped me from getting it.

    Seen them with coloured internal LED's as well. :LOL:
  14. I've got one of them too, it's neat, tidy and out of the way :)
  15. How much you get em for at work Tanya?
  16. PS in the city have them.... $20
  17. They are awesome.
    But what do our lovely law enforcement officers think of them?
    I'm guessing they would like to see the whole thing clearly. Are they easy to take out?
    I assume that they have to pass ADR regs to sell them in the first place, so they are legal?
  18. The clear plastic part turns around so you dont need to take it off to read. you just rotate the clear section
  19. Does anyone know of any bikes shop in Sydney that have these fantastic rego label holders?
  20. Must make a visit next time I'm up that way. Never seen em
    that cheap before.

    Was at PS Dandenong this week & they don't sell em.