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losing traction whilst accelerating

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by twainharte, Feb 12, 2007.

  1. this happened to me twice within a short span of time this afternoon whilst riding.

    bike: hornet 900

    back tyre: Bridgestone Battlax BT54R

    Conditions: appallingly wet sealed road, woodville rd

    i'm in 1st making my way up to 2nd, not too quick, accelerating and then all of a sudden the back wheel loses grip and 'shimmies' alittle, notably to the right.

    both times it occurs, i'm on a straight section of road, i quickly ease off of the throttle and it settles.

    given the appalling road conditions i definately wasn't going spastic with the throttle and trying to imitate milandri's powerslide.

    here's a phonecam pic a took shortly after i got home.

    looking at the wear indicators i think it's almost time to get a new set :shock:

    what's that all about then?

    road condition?

    time for a new tire, perhaps?

  2. Man get some better tires? I've got PP on mine and i don't loose traction unless i wanna.

    And your tires are fine im running bald and i've still got no problems in the wet.
  3. The Powers get lots of love from lots of riders. That's going to be my choice for new tyres when it's time to upgrade.
  4. well, the tires came with the bike, oddly enough :LOL:

    what are "PP"?
  5. Pilot Powers
  6. Michelin pilot powers.
  7. Metzler m3 8000ks on a zx9r need i say more :shock:
  8. yeah, cheers guys.

    i'm just interested to know if somebody else has had a similiar experience or could shed some light as to why this incident occured.

    had i continued to twist the throttle i'm sure the back would have tried to slide it's way from underneath me more abruptly giving me the opportunity to see how my newly fitted crash knobs would have worked :LOL:
  9. ahaha nah mate, your bike will go to full lock, be careful not to go past it or you will lose your front wheel, its half the fun of riding when your going sideways.
  10. Well, ya see, a thin layer of water on the road acts as a lubricant and decreases the coefficient of friction between your tyre and the road.

    Probably not what you were looking for, but it's basically the answer... the only variables are the road surface and the tyre quality. Softer compund tyres are stickier, wet and dry. Bald tyres will tend to be worse in the wet because there are no channels that the water can be squeezed into to get it out from under the rubber. And of course, any oil or diesel on the road mixed with the water will make it much slipperier.

    I guess what I'm saying is that I'm mystified by why you're mystified: roads get slippery in the wet.
  11. the guys at the hornets nest go on about pilot powers being unreal
    That's what I'd upgrade to!
  12. +1 :?
  13. My Holden Gemini 85 can easily spin the wheels in the wet and its only 1.5ltrs. You have 900cc of power and only one wheel to direct it too, its going to spin with anything but the tiniest amounts of throttle inputs in the sopping wet.
  14. Quite possible that a bus or truck has spilt some fuel on the road.
  15. Dont worry i get the same problem on the 12 even with new tyres on dry roads :p
    hmmmm maybe to much power
  16. I have tried alot of tyres on my cbr 1000rr 06' and the best in my experience is.....

    First Place:
    Pirrelli Corsa PROs....Make sure it the PROs..... don't need to warm them up at all and straight into a mono...no probs....

    Secound place:
    Pilot Powers ct2....very good tyre once you warm them up...Must warm up to do a mono or they will spin like crazy........also not as good as the Pirrelli corsa PROs though...

    Third Place:
    I would not use anything but these two tyres....Between U and the road is the tyres! so don't skimp! cause how much is your life worth????
    Just my experience.....
  17. Pilot Powers are unbelievable in the wet and I got 15000km from the rear on a R6. Ive taken off under very very hard acceleration in the wet in first gear with out a slip.
  18. 15000 on pp's? do you wear a cardigan too?? :p :p :p :cool:
  19. I'm about to put my third rear tyre on and my bikes done just under 17000, the original Bridgestone that came new with the bike was gone at 11000, the Dunlop I replaced it with is gone after 6000. On Saturday I get Pilots.

    twainharte, if it's only happening in the wet when you take off, it may be something as simple as road position. If your taking off from the lights and in the middle of the lane, you may be hitting the deisel/water mix just as your sneaking 2nd or 3rd gear.