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Losing the L plate!!! :D

Discussion in 'VIC' started by chicken78, Aug 16, 2011.

  1. August 28 - I get to say goodbye to my little yellow friend, who has been my constant companion for a few months, basically we have grown apart and seeking new horizons, little L plate is looking a little tired and overworked, and will be enjoying a well deserved rest. Im a little excited as it means no more target practice for tintop driving muppets YAY.

    Booked in at HART, boys there are great. 4 hour session, cant see any reason why I shouldnt pass this one..plenty of practice etc so fingers crossed ;D

  2. I thought the L was for looney? Will you still be the same after the plate is gone? :p
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  3. You will be ok. :D

    I need to book mine soon as well. Had it for a bit over 4 months now so hopefully will get around booking it soon. Am sick of that BIGG Yellowh uggly thing on mah lovely cruiser.
  4. Good luck. Its a lovely thing to bid farewell to the yellow L.
  5. Yay, congrats, good luck.
  6. Katie! You have the ability that's a given. Just focus, take a breath and do everything nice and smooth and you will be fine.
  7. Good one (y), I am sure you will have no problems and it will be a good feeling for you to see the last of that L plate. There is no doubt it attracts the loonies.
  8. Good luck. Know you'll be fine tho.

    Good to get rid of it - it clashes with the red!
  9. I thought it was 8 hours?

    I'm booked into HART at Mona Vale on 3rd Sept-Early session, so I better not get on the plonk the night before!
  10. Only thing stopping anyone here who attends Sat mornings and Sun learner rides not passing their license test would be nerves getting the better of them when it's time for the test itself.

    But you'll have no issues as you get to practice test throughout the day...
    Oh and it is great to get rid of those yellow plates...:D
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  11. Just take a ride before you get there so you'll be relaxed, you'll be fine, everyone else knows so!!
  12. Good luck Katie, you'll be fine (y) I should really go for mine, been 8 months now...
  13. Goodwork Chicken, you'll be fine.
    I'm booked for this Saturday at DECA. Hopefully my slackness to attend recent Saturday practices won't disadvantage me.

    +1000 for no more L plates.

    Also... how are you gonna be called chicken, and have a duck and rabbit in your avatar? :p
  14. I tried to save a pic of Foghorn Leghorn to upload it, but my work computer kept crashing.

    Oh well, you get the idea...
  15. :p lol smart ass
  16. Good luck Katie, you'll be fine.
  17. Thanks guys;)
  18. Good luck Katie, I just think I gained my L while you loose yours for the bigger world.
  19. Thankyou aussiak....Ill be having a L plate flaming session imediatly following the test :D
  20. Just quoting something I read some time back.

    I like cute animals...especially in a good gravy!

    No offence meant to Daffy Duck or Bugs Bunny here. I LOOOOVE their cartoons even today. :D