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Losing power, pls help

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by jtw008, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. Hey.

    Was riding home yesterday, and all of a sudden the bike lost power. It still goes, but to take off, i have to feather the clutch, and over rev it alot.

    It seems to go ok after about 7000rpm, but up til there its a bit touch and go, especially if im on an uphill incline at all.

    It also just doesnt feel right. When i get it up to higher revs i notice it alot, it sounds like it's struggling, or muffled.

    Any help would be appreciated, i've got no idea what to try first, and can't really afford to get it looked at atm.

    PS its a suzuki across.
  2. It COULD be lots of things.

    It COULD be a dud spark plug,
    or a blocked up air cleaner,
    or an obstruction in the exhaust pipe (rusty baffle)

    but I'm going to guess air cleaner. If you know where it is, pull it out and try the same exercise and see what happens without it there.

    I could come and have a (non-expert but experienced) look at it tomorrow if you like :).
  3. Put more petrol in the tank :LOL:

    Seriously though could be a few things - problems with fuel or air getting to the engine or even an ignition issue. First thing I'd check would be the airbox/air filter to make sure they're not clogged/full of fluid (often overlooked) - if that's good then check the plugs (or just replace - they don't cost much). If still nothing then it'll most likely be the fuel system - which could need anything from a simple cleaning of crud from the tank/carbs or a full strip/clean/tune.
    Edit: Oh and given it's an Across don't forget to check the fuel pump is working properly!
  4. Suzuki Across? Ding ding ding! I'll bet you a beer it's a buggered throttle slide holder.

    It's under $10 to fix and you can do the lot yourself if you're not afraid of a spanner.

    All the information you need is right here: http://suzukiacross.org/2007/05/30/fix-fallen-throttle-slide-holders/

    I've done it, it's a very easy fix that will make you feel highly manly and macho. The little plastic things are a couple of bucks each and you can get 'em from any Suzuki spare parts outlet. Fix all 4, although it's probably only one that's knackered. The bike will be spot on straight away.
  5. +1 Loz
  6. hey, thanks for the reply guys. sorry about the late reply, and thanks for the offer hornet. I'll try the throttle sliders, and if i dont have any luck, i'll get back to everyone, desperate for help.