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losing all confidence, feels bad man

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Parkaboy, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. Motorcycles have been my sole transportation for a few years now, but ive recently moved to sydney city compared to smalls towns and country areas I lived in... and its killing my confidence.

    I dont feel worried at all when im riding, but just more hesitant about using the bike in the first place so the bikes sits in the garage longer and longer while I take public transport. Its pretty ridiculous.

    I havent had any real near misses either but my performance in riding and handling is starting to decline from lack of use. Its only been a few months here but should I throw in the towel?

    Could it be that im just not cut out for urban riding?
  2. ..I guess you wont know until you get out there :-s

    I can understand that the city and surrounds would be much more busy than where you were previously, but if you feel ok once you are out & about!!....

    Maybe find some people to go on a few rides with first, to get your confidence.. then venture out on your own a bit further etc. Small steps at a time maybe??

    I hope you don't give up riding!!.. :)

    Best of luck!!
  3. I get the same feeling if I just commute, without getting out into the twistys often enough.

    Once you get out in the corners, everything falls back into line & your good to go again for a while!

    Go for a blast see how you feel.
  4. I think a lot will depend on what your used too, over the past 14 months I have used my bike more for commuting than just cruising the hills, and it shows in my riding. I am confident (sometimes possibly overconfident) in traffic, but tend to be a bit more hesitant in the twisties...

    Best solution....... move to Melbourne.... best class of people up here anyway
  5. Sure is, this is a bad downward spiral IMHO.

    Do this;

    Put on your riding gear and ride everywhere no matter what.

    Soon you'll get used to riding everywhere.

    Then you'll enjoy the challenge of riding through the f-wits... :twisted:

    Doooooooo it.
  6. This (y)

    And come to the Homebush sessions - Learner's focussed but a good place to meet other riders.

    Fun Ha!
  7. i'm in a pretty different situation to you. But i have also lost a lot of confidence.

    A week ago i had had my learners for 3 months... Had my first crash (if drops at 0kph aren't counted). 20kph round a roundabout lowsided.

    Since then i had no confidence. Didn't ride the bike for a few days. Went for my P's (had them booked since before the crash.) just got them. For me it just took a nice longish ride to get the confidence back up. But it wasn't traffic for me. it was my own ability to keep the bike upright.
  8. I low sided around a roundabout in the first 1-2 months on my L's too, I just got back on and kept riding as I knew that any neglect or hesitation would put me off riding.

    The best solution is just to hop right back on and go for a ride.
  9. Parkaboy,
    maybe you need to consider a different bike. How close to the city are you? How about a light weight 250?

    I personally find if I take a couple of weeks off, for site work, I come back a better rider. It all seems to flow better.
  10. Having a cruiser isn't going to help you get around in city traffic. Change of lifestyle... Maybe change the bike too. Nothing carves up the urban jungle like a motard. Just sayin'.
  11. It may also be a phase you're going through. There are times when I won't get on the bike without "all the gear", times when I avoid Sydney traffic, times when I ride cautiously and times when I do the opposite of all of that.

    If commuting continues to be a problem, at least get out of town in the early hours of a weekend and enjoy the countryside until this phase passes or your mood changes.

    EDIT: If company will help then Saturdays Homebush group is good, so is Tuesday night here
  12. Hey ParKaboy,

    If you ever want to get out for a nice cruisy Sat or Sun ride with no 'alpha dog' pressure, drop me a PM.
    We'll sort something out.

    I know I'm not the only rider willing and wanting to help out.

    Don't give up brother.
  13. a little scooter is the go for city commuting if you don't need to ride fast. honda lead is $2500 new. costs stuff all to maintain and run, saves your real bike for proper riding. fun to ride as you need to keep your corner speed up.
  14. It's a stage you're going through, probably....or you'll give it up...time and your own desires will tell, whether you were meant to ride or not.

    I should say though, that if that's your bike in the icon, you might want to look at something more appropriate for your new environment. THAT might rekindle your enthusiasm also. :)

    I sure as heck would'nt want to be on that in heavy peak hr traffic...too cumbersome.