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Losing a game is worse than death???

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by mjt57, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. This has to be one of the most offensive and ridiculous stories that I've ever read:


    In particular, this comment stands out:

    I wonder if the twat who made that stupid comment has ever heard a firearm going off, let alone being shot at.

    This is must be so offensive to those who've had the misfortune to serve in combat zones.

    For chrissakes, it's only a game. Some win, some lose. The world doesn't stop turning. The players go home. They turn out next time, still getting paid far more than the average punter, along with all the perks of the job.

    Some people, including this Dr. Klugman, really do need to get a life. I just hope that the long suffering taxpayers didn't foot the bill for this rubbish.
  2. Yeah. It's not like it's Cricket.
  3. Don't stress mate, people are dickheads.
  4. Easy now tiger. Why are you raining on parade that says people have extreme reactions to something you consider to be a "minor" event?

    Just look at your reaction to a report posted ON THA INTERNETS.

    Wake up call eh?

    Besides, if people really did get depressed over an event, who are you to say it's not justifiable. Or similair to the feeling a vietnam vet may get when they hear a chopper mm?
  5. mjt57 is it the wonderfully inept analogy comment that upsets you or the passions of fanatic punters? If it's the former then just shake yer head and cast derission upon them, but if it's the latter then mate try Canadian hockey fans that riot over games, or European football fans who have died at the hands of crowd violence mid match. There's far worse examples out there mate, chin up and be thankful for the current level of idiots among us :wink:
  6. I've always maintained that AFL and it's fans take themselves way too seriously and I've used that Western Bulldogs loss in '97 as an example. Stupid game. Don't get me started. :roll:
  7. My only comment on this is that I'm surprised a member of the academic community is even bothering to do a study when he only had a sample space of 20. I could interview 20 women at Kings Cross and publish my findings that all women give headjobs :LOL: anyone want to provide funding for this study??

  8. I'd have to agreed. Well they take the game way too seriously at least.

    Winter makes me cringe in NSW because of the disproportionate coverage of NRL (compared to it's importance in life), but having lived in Perth I now realise it's nothing compared to the AFL states.
  9. You'd be suprised what some studies are based on. Medical science is particularly bad at using study groups that dangerously small.

    It's this very fact that explains all those wacky findings you always read about. So next time you read or hear "A recent study has found" something that doesn't seem right or is just plain ridiculous, you will know it's because the sample group was too small.
  10. Hahahaha.

    Quoted for truth.
  11. Exactly. I remember when I first moved to The Revenue State from NSW back in '97 I was shocked at the coverage that the GayFL received in the media! It just went on day after day after day! For 9 frikkin months!

    That Western Bulldogs match really rammed it home for me because the next morning the loss to Adelaide was plastered all over the front page of the papers talking about what a tragedy it was and showing fans crying tears of anguish in the gutters. Meanwhile, there had been a massive airline disaster in Greenland ( I think) where 200 people were killed. Page 4. :roll:
    Back in Sydney, the weekend was all about the NRL and then people got on with their lives the rest of the time.
  12. Yeah, that's what I noticed since moving to Victoria. NRL gets pretty irritating, but the overexposure of the AFL down here makes my guts turn like a digger at Tobruk who's just seen his best mate blown apart by a Panzer just in front of him...

  13. ^^^ you really are a cunny funt quarter. Remind me to buy you a beer when I get back ;)
  14. Wow :shock:

    Personally I have very happy memories of that Western Bulldogs game in '97. :LOL:
  15. Remind me again what this is about?
  16. this kinda stuff runs deep. think of how many of these players are brought up from childhood playing sport seriously. way too seriously apparently
  17. Can't do the funding mate, but will help out with field work if you like?
  18. ^^ GOLD!!

    And Oh so true!
  19. Melbourne AFL fans are pussies; the study should have been done in Adelaide :LOL:.