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Loser on a CBR250

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by 250hoon, Apr 22, 2005.

  1. What a loser I saw today. He was on a Smokin' Joe CBR250RR at the traffic lights next to me on my CBR250RR on Dandenong Road Oakleigh and when the lights changed he took off so fast he lost control and swerved in front of me. Then at the next lights he stopped next to me again and did a burnout in front of the cars. He was gaving us riders such a bad name and the drivers were looking at us. I don't like that shit. When the lights were just about to change I reached over and gave him a shove. He lost his balance and fell down with his bike. I laughed and laughed and then the lights changed and I took off and left him there. Serves himself right. If you're reading this mate. Ride good like the rest of us mate of you'll pay the price and lose your privilege to ride.

  2. I guess you had to be there. :?
  3. You sure there was just 'one' loser on a CBR250? :roll: :(
  4. haha
    he would be so pissed off <:
  5. Interesting first post. Would be a good idea to keep your hands off of another guy's bike, even if they are being wankers. I wouldn't blame him for chasing you and kicking the shit out of you for damaging his bike.

    That said, carrying on like that deserves a great big mouthfull of abuse especially when he's putting you at risk by swerving into your lane.
  6. Y'see? Y'see? This is why I didn't want a CBR250RR. Idjits like this ride them.
  7. My b/f just bought one and he's not an idiot! I swear! He just likes high revving bikes. I guess having ridden 2-stroke dirt bikes for years does that to a guy?

  8. You don't think maybe you could have, I don't know, said something to him before you potentially trashed his bike, injured him and left him unable to pick up his bike in the middle of traffic? Other people offer help to a fellow rider when he needs advice or drops his bike. What do you think the folks in cars thought when they saw a cretin doing burnouts, etc, and then another other cretin shoves him off his bike? You know that's illegal, right?

    Irresponsible sadists like yourself can stay the fcuk off my roads. -s.
  9. what a funny thread :D
  10. The other alternative is that 250hoon is just trolling... a bored netrider with another logon account with nothing better to do on a friday arvo than prod people for reactions?

    Just a thought...
  11. That sounds much more plausible.
  12. That is a fcuked up thing to do. How would you like it if someone came up to your bike and pushed it over with you on it, potentially causing 1000's dollars in damage and quite possibly hurting you (broken arm, broken ankle, twisted ankle). Quite frankly i hope someone saw the incident, took your number plate and reported the incident to police. It seems that your the only Loser not him.

    Not only will you be charged with assault, you will also have to incur the cost of fixing his bike and any possible medical bills. Also i'm not too sure on the law but could it be classed as leaving the scene of an accident as both of you were on bikes????

    If this is just someone prodding for a response that get a life you w$%ker. How about you find better ways of amusing yourself then making bogus accounts on a respectable forum, causing False member numbers (which going through the member list seeing people who have never posted and joined up AGES ago shows there is quite a few! Is it possible to have this cleaned up??).

    Sorry for the rant.

  13. I reckon the troll who originally posted this got a real bite from you.
  14. Maybe it's not a troll at all. :)

    >>>insert Twilight Zone music here<<<<
  15. Maybe but considering i have read a similar story on an american forum you be the judge.
  16. Show me the link. I'll be the judge :)
  17. Stop that or you'll go blind.

  18. Who said that .