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Lose Vic Rego Sticker = $13.50 for a reprint

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by RedNinja, Nov 13, 2006.

  1. Just having a rant.

    I had to replace my rego sticker because I lost it off my bike and I don't want to risk a fine if I get pulled over for non-display of rego sticker.

    Can you believe it cost $13.50, the govt are really rats aren't they. I didn't expect it to be free, but dam.

    Rant over, now the funny bit...

    How'd I lose it in the first place? I did a rather high and aggressive wheelie last Thursday on the way to work and the rear wheel ate it off the rear from under the license plate :LOL:

    No Sh1t! I wondered why it got so wobbly...

    Photos.... You can see the rego holder with the bite mark...

    http://s46.photobucket.com/albums/f135/DJ1976/Rear Wheel Ate My Rego Sticker/?sc=1&addtype=local
  2. At least you have evidence, to prove what the back wheel did. :grin:
  3. You've got it alright- NSW is much worse.

    I borrowed the rego sticker off a mates bike recently for some shenanigans. Somehow it disappeared off my bike while parked at his place during the night.

    Replacement- $30 :evil:
  4. Why have your Reg there to begin with? Looks shit.
  5. lol better not do that again
  6. I didn't even need a new sticker - just a print out of my details for some form I was filling out. Still had to pay $13.50. Whatever, it's chump change and someone has to pay for the angry ladies sitting behind the desk there.
  7. Hi,
    wow thats a rip,
    you have to pay for a replacement,
    I lost the sticker off my bike,
    QLD Transport is posting me a new one for free.
  8. I paid $17 for a new one from the RTA (NSW) the other day. It's a rort.
  9. Meh. I lost mine, I bought a replacement. Big deal.

    $13.50 is maybe a little high, but it's hardly a fortune.
  10. When I reregistered my bike, I lost the rego sticker they sent out.
    When paying the rego, I went in and wth a big smile told the lady that I'd lost the rego sheet and asked if it was a problem[?]

    "Oh not at all, I'll just print you out another one."

    Maybe they let me off the $13 seeing as I was paying over a hundred for rego at the time or something.

    ... or perhaps she wanted me :p
  11. Rego sticker on your bike? Very unattractive, I keep mine in my filling cabinet where all paperwork belongs.