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Lorne & back - the long way.

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by I'm Simon, May 22, 2009.

  1. I had the week off so I had to get out for at least 1 ride (asside from the Choccy Mill ride) and the weather has been fantastic this week in Melbourne.

    I rang a mate that works pretty casually to see if he was up for a ride and where he might want to go. "No worries" he says, "I'll bring the GPS and well go from there". We arrange to meet at 9.30 at a Servo not far from me. I ride the 1.3klms to the servo but by time I am half way there I can hardly see through the visor due to moisture from the fog.


    We head out of Hoppers taking a relatively straight route down Derrimut Rd before heading east on Greigs Rd, this road eventually turns into Exford Rd before becoming more interesting on the Rowsley - Exford Rd. By the time we hit the Rowsley Exford Rd the fog has lifted and I have even turned the heated grips off! I am really enjoying the ride now, some nice sweepers and great views either side of the road. I love the area out here, and I love the smell of open fires from the farm houses that we pass. The sheep lazily lift their heads as we buzz past.

    A little further on and we hit Glenmore Road, the start of this road is great, lush green paddocks (yep, I said lush green!) line the side of the road and there are some nice sweepers that we navigate at a good pace. I am starting to get into a rythym and am really enjoying the freedom of being out here, midweek, no traffic, no phone ringing, no kids!.

    Before long we come to the highlight of Glenmore road.


    I ride up the hill, turn around and go back down again, then back up for a couple of pics. The road itself is not that much of a highlight, it is the views of the ranges and the vally that are fantastic, pics don't do it justice really.



    Not very good at writing these...tbc
  2. Hi Simon.

    Looks great. I am not sure I know these roads? You know what it is like, you ride roads but you never know their names. But, this one does not look familiar.

    Any chance of a google map?
  3. After a couple of pics and a quick smoke we head off towards Meredith, we end up taking Slate Quarry Rd, this is a fun little road with some nice turns and twists and some picturesque river / creek crossings. I have been out here on a learner ride a couple of years ago with Voyager, I think to myself that I must orgnaise a ride out here again one day.

    We pull up a a little general store in Meredith for a well earned coffee and bacon and egg sandwich.



    We leave Meredith and head for Winchlesea via Shelford, by this time the sun is well and truly high and the day is warming up. We ride some back roads using the GPS as our guide. I am really enjoying the ride now, singing in the helmet (go on admit it, you do it too!). I am getting into a groove and the bike is munching up the kilometres, I am sure that the bike is loving this as much as I am.

    Just out of Shelford on the way to Winchlesea a Harley rider and pillion are pulled over on the side of the road, slow right down and a smile, wave and a thumbs up tells us that they are ok, throttle on and back to pace and we are soon in Winchlesea, stop for a smoko and chat.


    We leave Winchlesea and head off along the best part of the trip, the Deans Marsh / Lorne Road. What a fantastic bit of bitumen this road is, I am sure that most of the Vic netriders have done this road, but in case you haven't, DO IT!. Lets just say that I have minimal chicken strips on the bike now. You have to concentrate on this road as some of the corners tighten up on you and you really need to concentrate on looking through each turn. That being said, you can navigate most corners safely at well above the posted advisory limit. This bit of road ends all too soon and I want to turn around and do it again. Alas, my riding partner for the day has his heart set on a steak at the Lorne pub, I am no model at 6' and 100kg's but my mate makes me look petite :LOL:

    Up to the top deck of the Lorne pub for a chicken parma and a (light) pot for me and a giant t-bone for him.


  4. Bodies fuelled up and we leave Lorne for the run along the Ocean Road back toward Geelong, I wanted to head along the GOR the other way but time was getting away from us after a leisurely lunch.

    The first part of the road out of Lorne is fun, tight twisties heading up and down the cliffs. I stop in a couple of places for pics, my mate quips "the only time that I took that many pics of my bike was when I was selling it".



    By the time we get to Aireys Inlet the tradies are knocking off and there is some traffic on the road slowing our progress, we stop to try and put a gap between us and the traffic but it is that time of the day and too late to do anything about it. After such a great traffic free run I am resenting the traffic interupting "my ride". Just out of Anglesea we hit roadworks and about 5klm's of 40kph :evil:

    Somewhere along the Anglesea road, on the way to Waurn Ponds, we stop for fuel and a quick chat. We both hate the freeway and at this time of day there would be a fair amount of traffic. We decide to head home "via GPS". We get to Waurn Ponds, turn left toward Colac for about 10klm's and then head north. Eventually we hit Steiglitz road and then ride across the Brisbane Ranges through Anakie and Mount Wallace. The sun is getting low in the sky and the heated grips get turned back on.

    We stop for a last couple of pics as the sun starts to go down.



    We head back down the Glenmore rd, pretty much heading home the way we came. We part ways at the Bacchus Marsh - Geelong Rd and I leg it home via Werribee-Baccus Marsh Rd, rolling in the garage a tad before 6pm, just in time to get off the bike and jump in the cage to take my son to his guitar lesson :roll:

    Roughly 450klms for the day and I am a happy camper, great day, great ride and great company. The bike performed beautifully, it felt as though is running better for the last 100k's as opposed to the first 100k's and just loved the long decent ride instead of the daily commute.

    This was the first of many decent day and overnight rides that I plan on taking. If you haven't got out there and ridden roads that are unknown or not completely known where you are going, do it, it can be very therapuetic :wink:
  5. Got to head out now Skuffy, but will link you up a little later.
  6. Great diary of the the GOR day you had I'm Simon. Must have been nice just winging it and enjoying the day. Pity i missed it!!
    Nice pics too.
    Well done
  7. Thanks Gilesy, it was a fantastic day out, hopefully you can get out with us on the next one....heading north this time!
  8. Great write up and photos Simon! We're heading there tomorrow - you're welcome to come :) - and I'm very very very curious as to this alternate route of yours to Winchelsea. Have you got a google map of it?
  9. Thanks Rosie, couldn't have made it Sunday, next time :)

    I will try to work out how to post a map link
  10. Good to see you had a good day, you bike looks familiar :grin:

    I know that little hill on Glenmore road, last time I headed north to Macendon and beyond.

  11. G'day Dave, yep...fatso had a gtreat day out! :p I just got to spend a couple of hours getting all the bugs off her.
  12. Great pics and looks like a fun day out at Lorne mate !
    Yep...said with head down.. I missed out :(

    Till next time.
    Safe, happy riding mate.