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Lorn to Anglesea in less than 3 minutes

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Phanoongy, Jan 1, 2008.

  1. I thought i would post up an early test on recording a test movie
    I started at Lorn, went to Anglesea then back to Aireys Inlet

    (EDIT: have updated to my 2nd attempt...a little slower playback than 1st try)
  2. Hey mate how ya going, long time no see :(

    Bloody top vid, loved the music, very sweet package, looks like you ha some good clear sections of road aswell :)

    Cheers :cool:
  3. :LOL: You're a maniac! :LOL:
  4. Nice clip, but too fast! I wanted to see more of the road and your riding. I've just got back from there, so it made me jealous!
  5. thanks ;-) and yea hay there dazza i have been a tad on the quiet side of things, as for run yea it was so good i did not want to turn round and head back to the holiday home. BUT i was only going out for a quick ride before dinner. i did also make a video of Aireys Inlet to Lorn but there was just way too much sun glair in the video to make it worth keeping...as for speed i wish i could slow it down a little too I was using time laps! And my camera only has a 1 or 2 second timmer...wish it had a 30 second one
    It really was a test for trying to do one down the track from Anglesea to Apollo Bay, may even try doing one with the camera pointing more off to the side to get a better sea view
    Edit :Anyone know how to slow down the frame rate of a clip in Premiere Elements?
  6. What type of camera are you using? It would be easier to film in real time and then adjust the clip speed post during editing.
  7. a Canon IXUS 75
    EDIT: found the speed and looks alot better at 50%
    2nd Edit: Ive made the clip the same length as the song its playing to and now uploading it..will post link when ready and its about 3 1/2 minutes long
  8. 1st post has been updated to a new version, it now the length of the song its playing to!!! at about 3 1/2 minutes...
  9. [​IMG] I'm going to dob your arse in for travelling at warp speed!
    Get ready to hand ya license in within 30 days Justin [​IMG]

    What software you using to edit?
  10. :rofl: Warp speed you say :grin: was taking it very easy as i was out for a nice easy ride to stretch the legs after a fun full day of surfing for the 1st time in a very long time :)
    Im using Premier Elements 3 (well only just starting to learn how to use it...1st time making anything with it so far)
  11. Will have to check P2P for available copies cause I ain't paying $750 :(
  12. I payed nothing like that for mine. I got a pack with Photoshop Elements 5 & Premier Elements 3 (academic version so can’t use it for work) mid last year for just over $100, you can now get Photoshop Elements 6 & Premier Elements 4 (academic version $139) full version for $199 at www.cpl.net.au
    I used to use the most costly versions of the programs via P2P but ended up buying the cheep versions as i never use the extra stuff that’s not on them anyway
    And with having legal copies it’s allot easier to get updates something i was getting sick of with the P2P stuff and i just don’t have the time nor care to spend that much time on my computer any more trying to get the latest crack to update
  13. Thanx Jus

    Downloading Premier Elements 4 off Limewire now so I'll see how I go.