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Loris Capirossi Crash pics

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by BBJ, Oct 19, 2005.

  1. Hi All, Well i was at the island and at turn 1 when Loris fell and seems like the only Photog who caught some of the action. If you are in Victoria you might have seen a couple of my shots in the Herald Sun over there, but can check the low res pics on my site.



  2. nice 'ouch' pics, john!!
  3. Thanks Paul, caught it out of the corner of my eye so missed the first fall but got the rest.
  4. That stuff happens so quickly you're lucky to get ANY of it. Good reflexes, mate!
  5. Nice pics John, I was on Turn 10 and got the Casey Stoner crash

    Can you give me some advice on how you can get into Sports Photography, I reckon i could have sold one of them shots, but I have no idea who to approch. I am trying to get a photgraphers pass for the Aust Superbike Championship at PI in Nov.
  6. check out the fat head on photo 4 of BBJs pictures
    recognise him and the ladie :D
  7. Steve, nice shots there but the top shots would have been the follow on from them pics as i have seen shot s with the #5 bike airbourne.
    Anyhow i was there with friends and having a weekend to myself but always take my camera gear, so i didn't have a pass as went in on general admission. I do a lot of Motorsport here where i live and to get a pass to get into events like this you sometimes need to be photographing for some media outlet/magazine etc.. I mainly sell to riders here but i had a mate in the media centre so after i got the shots rang him and he came and got them and started sending them to Getty's so my name didn't go on the pics. It is a hard game to get into, but i am happy doing what i do and it helps buy my gear and also is to get known. Oh and camera gear is not cheap.LOL Hope this kind of helps.
  8. Thanks for the Reply, I have heaps of gear allready, just about to pick-up the Nikon D2X, looks like I will just have too knock down some doors.
    What is a good shot worth?
  9. Some great pics in there if you look at the rest of the site.

    Steve, Start at the bottom and work your way up.

    Go to a few Hartwell Club or B&C Series rounds at Broadford, Winton, PI or even Mac Park in Mt Gambier (although BBJ may be waiting for you at the front gate seeing it's his home turf :wink: ) and learn the craft and get known at those events before you try to get credentials at the motorcycle equivelent of the V8Supercars.

    There are several photographers who we see at these events, some do it professionally and some for fun.

    Also in honour of one particular photographer you will need to obtain a mini bike to ride around on :p
  10. Steve my brother and I got into it years ago by going to the C grade and D grade race meetings and club days, and selling our work to the riders and families. No-one ever takes good pics of the lower ranks, and their relatives don't know enough to do it for them.

    Find out if there are a couple of riders from your local area, and approach you local newspaper and ask them to give you an accreditation to photograph these people for local interest stories for them. They will probably pay you a small fee for pictures published. You can enhance that by writing a short concise race report on the local rider(s)!

    Once you have this accreditation, you can use it up to a certain level at any meeting the local lads may be racing, but usually, unless the paper has a circulation of 4, officials at the bigger meetings will accept it.

    Insurance issues are much stricter now than years ago, and the number of photographers who are allowed out on the track is limited, but at least you will be in the queue. Then it's up to you to push your case and maximise the opportunities.
  11. Paul thanks for the advise, looks like I need to investigate when these events are on, might also give the local papers a call and get on there list of photgraphers. I have sent some info to Aust Superbikes who seemed quite keen to give me a go, as they only get a handfull of photgraphers to there events.
  12. Steve, i agree with what other have said about this subject and yes it is hard to get into but like pvda said you need exposure, but well ok i guess i get some but i love it, it is a passion for me and yes i sell a lot of photo's but i look at it if i sell some all is good and if i dont i had fun doing it.

    When it becomes a job the fun has gone out of it, i love to try different things and well i am known here, i never miss a day at the track as in Mac Park i do all the ride days and see it as exposure for the club as well. I also supply the local paper with motorsport shots each week, free of course so oneday i hope in return if i need a media pass they will help me out, not that i have had to worry about that. It is alsmost impossible to rely on phography as a full time job and most have a second job. Anyhow you have to sell a lot of photos to pay for that D2X. Get known attend tracks ride days anything and practise but most of all enjoy what you do.
  13. Paying for the Nikon D2X is the easy part, as I do a lot of corporate stuff which i get paid $$$, thanks for the great advice as I am like you and just do it for the passion. I already have got media passes for the Bike Drags at Heathcote on the 29th which is a start in the right direction.
  14. FOR SALE:

    1 slightly used but loved Ducati Desmocedici. Only ridden to work on the weekends. Too many extras to list.

    Reason for sale:

    Rider recently suffered MASSIVE INTERNAL INJURIES!
  15. LOL well i can tell you all that was left that was any good was the motor, mate got pics of it after in the pits and yeh very sadddddddd.