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News Lorenzo to ride for Ducati

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by NetriderBot, Apr 19, 2016.

  1. [​IMG]
    Reigning MotoGP World Champion Jorge Lorenzo will ride for Ducati in 2017 and 2018.Lorenzo, who has ridden factory Yamahas since moving to MotoGP, is one of the most successful riders of all time, with two 250cc World Titles and three MotoGP Championships.

    The move was announced via press releases from both Ducati and Yamaha. The Ducati press release was incredibly brief, simply outlining his two-year contract and a single paragraph of Loreno’s career achievements – so brief, indeed, we wonder if the press office even knew it might be happening, and no quote from the rider himself.
    Yamaha’s announcement was a little longer and said, in part: “Since Lorenzo joined the Yamaha Factory Racing Team in 2008, Lorenzo and Yamaha won three MotoGP World Championships (2010, 2012 and 2015), clinched 41 race wins and have been on the podium 99 times out of 141 races contested.

    Yamaha is extremely grateful for Jorge’s contributions to its racing successes and looks forward to sharing more memorable moments during the remaining 15 MotoGP rounds of 2016, their ninth season together.”
    Lorenzo has been linked to Ducati as the Italian manufacturer looks to find a way to win races, and is rumoured to have offered Lorenzo a massive contract. Yamaha, on the other hand, was aware of Lorenzo’s value to the brand and wanted to keep him.

    His team boss Wilco Zeelenberg said: “It is very important to keep Jorge. We are so impressed with his performances. We show him a lot of respect and he knows we have him at the top of the list and we know other manufacturers can see he has special skills. But I would hate to see Jorge, who has spent his entire premier class career with Yamaha, leave the brand.”

    Lorenzo hasn’t spoken about the decision yet, but there are likely to be many reasons, including the belief he can do what his nemesis, Valentino Rossi, failed to achieve – winning on a Ducati. No Ducati rider has stood on the top step of a podium since 2010, and Casey Stoner remains the brand’s only World Champion.
    Friction in the Yamaha pit might also be playing a part in the decision – Yamaha has been unusually successful at keeping Rossi and Lorenzo in a team without a clear #1 rider. Another factor is Lorenzo’s team manager from his 250cc days at Aprilia, Luigi Dall’lgna, is now Ducati Corse’s General manager.


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  2. Worst kept secret in sport
  3. Who gets the shove, Dovi or Crazy Joe???
  4. I reckon Dovi.
  5. He'd never admit it, but I reckon Rossi saying he didn't have the balls to do it probably helped push him over the edge. With all he's achieved in the sport, I wouldn't blame him for chasing some Ducati race victories in Vale's face (let alone a World Championship). 12m euro a year probably doesn't hurt, either.

    I wonder who's gonna get the other Yamaha in 2017?
  6. Vinales - done deal.
  7. Yeah makes sense, he's probably the only top rider that hasn't developed a grudge against Rossi yet.

    Love your avatar, btw.
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  8. Have to agree with that ^
  9. I have to credit DrSleepyDrSleepy for the picture during last weekends flag raising. He subconsciously want an MV but just doesn't know it yet.
  10. I wonder . ... . .

    Lorenzo on the Duc . .
    Stoner on the Yam . .. .
    Rossi on the Yam . ..
    Crutchlow on the Hon . . .
    Vinales on the Hon . .
    Smith on the Suz . ..
    Iannone on the Suz . . . .

    how interesting that would be ?
  11. well Crutchlow would still be crashing......
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  12. so he needs to be a brigestone rider for life ?
  13. Oh wait . . ..
  14. Why would Ianonne go to Suzuki when he's on the most powerful bike in the field???
  15. Doesn't matter what you're on if you never finish a race.
  16. Well the Suzukis are still being developed, but it would still be a poor choice to leave Ducati for them...
  17. "choice" to leave Ducati? - someone's going to be pushed soon.

    I reckon Dovi. He's been around too long without making a big impact. Was he not 'pushed' from Honda in the past after three seasons with them?
  18. Dovi was pushed from Honda because they couldn't keep running three factory bikes (they recruited Stoner in 2011, while Dani and Dovi were already contracted), and he finished ahead of Pedrosa in the standings in his final year as a Repsol rider (3rd to Jorge and Casey).

    He's done okay this year, two DNF's that weren't his fault shouldn't count against him. I think who gets dropped is going to come down to who Lorenzo wants as a 2nd rider. Wouldn't blame him for wanting someone a little less frenetic than Crazy Joe. Dovi's probably never going to be world champ but he's a solid #2.
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  19. Do you think there's a clause in Jorge's contract stating Rossi can't be his teammate?
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