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lorenzo to ducati???

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by GOOSH, Aug 19, 2009.

  1. That's been about for a few days now. Phillip Morris have plenty of money to spend (12 million Euros??) so they will probably get what they want. See my thread on whether Casey will return. This certainly adds fuel to that fire.

    Soooooo, who gets Lorenzo's ride on the best bike in the paddock? It won't be an internal promotion. Neither Edwards (too old) or Toseland (too uncompetitive) are in line, so, who?

    Vermeulen? :roll:
  2. Is there any reason why Lorenzo would succeed where other talented riders failed?

    I find it hard to believe Lorenzo would risk riding for Ducati next season. Moreso if Casey ends up being ok. Sitting 5 or more places behind Stoner would really harm Lorenzos reputation.

    What are the rules on secret test rides?
  3. Lorenzo is "possibly" a little braver than the others who have tried and failed on Ducati. If Casey comes back it won't happen, as Hayden is already contracted for 2010. Secret test rides are a no-no.
  4. Because Lorenzo is a FREAK like Rossi! But yeah, it seems to be harder to jump on a Ducati than any other bike. I knew the bloke was special after seeing him in win the 250s at Phillip Island by over 30 seconds!
  5. Lorenzo would be a mug to leave Yamaha
  6. He's in the best team on what is patently the best bike, so, yeah, that's right.

    BUUUUTTTT, Rossi left the best team and the best bike and he made it work (I know, Lorenzo isn't Rossi, but it can happen). AAAANNNDDD, 12 million euros is a lot of money to knock back when you're an up-and-coming rider looking to secure his financial future.
  7. Lorenzo is probably a wealthy man, already.