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Lorenzo resigns.

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by rc36, Aug 25, 2009.

  1. Phil, you are terrible.
  2. Guilty as charged, m'lud!
  3. Far worse than your Brother.
  4. :p at rc

    So whats the word on Stoner then? Race with Ducati or retire?
  5. Spoke to Casey yesterday, he'll be back.
  6. Ha, your word on it then! :)
  7. My vote for most misleading topic title of the year. Good job ;)
  8. Apparently the offer to Lorenzo from Ducati wasn't a journo's wet dream but real. Where does that leave Casey? Your employer is covertly negotiating your replacement for a salary reputed to be several multiples of yours. And you're the 2007 champ at that....
  9. Dave is mainly reporting stuff from the European press. They definitely don't like Stoner, but for sure the fact that there is nothing coming from Stoner's camp isn't helping (his cause, should he actually give a damn).

    One of the comments on Motogpmatters was the response to this belief that Casey is entitled to not do the media and PR thing as he is a racer and not a circus clown. But when you consider that Stoner has been chasing Motogp as an end goal since he was a child, he surely must have known that this is the 'price' he has to pay. It's similar to an actor chasing big films and then not enjoying being recognised.

    Lorenzo would have been nuts to sign for Ducati, though I can understand why moving out of the Rossi shadow would be appealing.
  10. Isn't Rossi riding for Kawasaki next year?
  11. Have you seen Raikkonnen in his interviews?? But yeah, he could do with a little bit of PR management.
  12. Why not? At least it would be a challenge.
    As for Jorge, why would you step off the most competitive bike out there? All he has to do is wait until Vale gets bored and moves on. In the meantime he might even win.
    Casey... I am now doubting we will see him until next year. If at all.