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Lord Of The Rings Extended Edition Day!!!!

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by BoogieMan, Feb 20, 2005.

  1. THATS RIGHT PEOPLE!!!!! ALL 3 Movies in one day!!!!!!

    It will all be startign at 9am on the 26th of March..... and going through all 3 movies.... it will be a long day but there will be many breaks throughout the day...... and we'll have BBQ and kitchen Facilities for lunch and dinner.....

    For those who are REALLY keen there will be A few drinks the night before and ample crash space for those who want to 'camp out' for it!!!

    I'm giving a fair amount of notice so everyone can give themselves time to prepare.....

    It will be held in Ivanhoe (inner north east suburbs for those who dont know) and there will be lots of seating but anyone whith beanbags is urged to 'Bring 'em along'

    Anyone interested or even curious.... should PM or email me and I will give them more details...
  2. I'll just add in for the sake of Organisation that anyone interested or even curious send me a PM so I can start getting an idea of who might be there for the day and the night before :D

  3. i may try get to this! i was thinking of doing something like this anyway
  4. Well It's a week away and I've a half a dozen people coming so anyone else interested should let me know ASAP!!!!
  5. You pick the time for this when I'm away, don't you!! :p Otherwise i wouldn't have missed this!
  6. Ahh yes the Sir Robert Helpman story :LOL:
  7. Well for those who can make but may not see themselves making there way for the WHOLE day I'll list the Approx start times.

    Fellowship Of The Rings 9-9:30

    The Two Towers 1:30 - 2

    The Return Of The King 6-6:30

    The above times are guidlines and to get specific Details Give me a call on 0403 91 00 81
  8. Cheers To those who came....

    and to who ever it was who turned up on sunday......... YOU GOOSE!!!!! :p:p :LOL: :LOL: