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loosing power and top end speed

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Anthony, Dec 15, 2006.

  1. ok, recently I had my main jet blocked from dirt and stuff and it didn't even create enough power to turn the wheel while on the centre stand. Got it cleaned and unblocked now it's working again. HOwever it seems like i have lost a bit of power up top. Also seems to be revving at a lower rpm also.

    any ideas of what can be wrong?
  2. How did you get it cleaned? Sounds a bit like the job is only part done, but it's hard to tell without more information. So it can't rev as high as before? If so, that could be that your still not getting full intake flow. Are you sure that the jet was properly re-set? Might also be worth looking at the air and fuel filters as any blocking of these will lower performance.
    After that, it gets complicated...
  3. turned out to be a completely melted cat. It has turned into a sand pit of metal shrapnels.