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Loose Throttle Grip

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Haplo, Jan 15, 2008.

  1. Hi all ...

    Last night I noticed that my throttle grip assembly is loose on the handlebar ... meaning I can twist the whole assembly (kill switch, starter, and throttle grip) on the bar. This results in (depending on which way it twists) a tightening of the throttle cable, and can pull the throttle on if I turn the front wheel to the right. It's easily fixed ... just twist it back. However, I would like it to not twist on the bar at all ...

    So, to fix it ... do I just get some grip glue for the throttle grip housing, or is there another way to correct this?? Should I take it in to the mechanic to get it fixed? Any assistance is appreciated.


  2. Usually the switchblock is fixed in place by a pin inside it, which goes into a hole drilled in the handlebar. Make sure the two halves of your switch block are fastened firmly together so the pin stays locked in the handlebar hole (if tightening the screws make sure you line up the pin with the hole first).

    You may need to undo the switchblock and examine it to see how it locks into place, or if there is any internal damage.
  3. Some just clamp on too. Pull it apart first to check for a locating pin as hotcam mentioned, but it might just need tweaking up a little tighter. Don't glue it.
  4. Have a look underneath. You will see 2 screws with hex heads.

    In your toolkit will be a screwdriver that will fit. Tighten the screws.

    Cheers :)

    Trevor G
  5. If the screws are not loose on the back of the switch piece it means you have snapped the lug which holds it in place...it's plastic.

    If you remove the 2 screws on the bottom and split it (watch out for the throttle cable) you can see a hole half drilled into the handlebar and the little plastic knob will most likely fall onto the ground as it has snapped off.

    Solution>? Go to a dealer or wreckers and get a whole new switch piece or a temp solution is to drive a self tapper screw threw the top of the switch piece into the hole to hold you over till you can get a new one. This option is a bit dodgy styles but it will hold you over.

    As your bike is out of warranty I say go nuts and get in there and learn more about your bike. It’s a simple mechanism to pull apart and put back together. Just be careful of the throttle cable and remember which lug the throttle cable go’s into or you will be idling at 8000RPM.

    Good Luck

    (BTW..i have the same bike and same thing happened to me and i did the dodgy MacGyver job)
  6. Thanks all ... the info was great.

    It turns out that the throttle cable was incorrectly routed on the frame, so when you turned right, the throttle cable would pinch and pull the throttle on. Solution? Route the cable correctly - all fixed!!

    As for the whole assembly rotating:

    Yep ... missing bottom screw, and when I pulled it apart, you can see where it has broken. Solution? Used some marine grade silicon to hold it in place (temporary fix) ... we'll see what I do in the long run to fix it ... maybe a new Renthal bar to go with the new switch piece?

    Too many options ...