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Loose screw found?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by klau, May 22, 2012.

  1. Picked up my bike (zx6r) this afternoon after she went in for the 6000km service. Bike seems to be running well, but I would hope so as I'm $430 poorer for it! lol

    Arrived home and noticed a screw by my left foot as I put the kickstand down.

    Cue alarm bells...

    Did a once over on the bike, but I have no idea where the screw has come *from. I know it is a fairing screw (though rather big and has a plastic washer) as there is the same type of screw elsewhere on the bike.

    Rather big fairing screw

    Has this happened to anyone else?
    Should I be concerned?

    I will follow this up with the dealer tomorrow, so hopefully they can shed a bit of light on this.

    * - was starting to getting dark, but I know the regulator was replaced (safety recall), so the right fairing was removed. Throttle bodies were balanced so the tank was removed. Oil filter changed, so the left fairing would have been removed also. Not sure where else I should look.

  2. Put it on the bench were it won't get lost, and go over all the other fairing and bodywork fixtures with an allen key, check they're done up. If, as you work your way around the bike, you should find a hole that looks like it needs screwing ...

    I nearly said "What was her name?"
  3. I'm guessing it's a late model Suzuki - did you get it done at SCM, perchance?
    After my last (and only...) service there, I found the following:

    - The right-angled tyre valve I asked for had been billed, but not fitted.
    - The pickup spools they fitted to lift the rear, had been left on the bike.
    - My alarm had been disconnected, and left disconnected without telling me - this one really pissed me off because I didn't notice for days, and I actually demo'd how to disable it when I dropped it off!

    Oh and if it WAS SCM, don't expect much in the way of care factor now they've got your cash...
  4. Plastic washer means it probably joins something plastic (soft) with a metal tap (hard) - as you know. Check your fairing, chain guard, up under rear seat, inside of front fairing near wheel and radiator, rear brake fluid resovoir. It's got to have come from somewhere, but it's probably not critical. Fairings are held on with more than one screw.

    Since it fell out when you put the kickstand down, check the left side thoroughly. You may have kicked it out when you moved the kickstand, or it fell out when the bike lent over.

    Really, consider yourself lucky it fell out at home and not on the road!
  5. Thanks for the reply and suggestions guys.

    I spoke to the dealer and the mechanic had noticed a missing screw (belly pan), but he just replaced it.

    After work I went over the bike again and all visible screws seems to be accounted for (I used a mirror for the hard to reach places).

    So the screw must of fell out before the bike went to the shop, but I only noticed it after getting the bike back.

    All good!

  6. Better than finding it in your tyre
  7. Must be mine - people have been telling me I've had one loose for years.