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Loose main jet

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Dylan05, Feb 14, 2012.

  1. I have been chasing a flat spot on my track bike and stripped my carbies down today and found that when I opened the casing to number 2 the main jet basically fell out. I'm cleaning the carbies tomorrow.

    Could a loose jet be the cause of the flat spot?

  2. Absolutely. Where is the flat spot? If it's WOT, that'd be the culprit.
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  3. Not sure what WOT means, wide open throttle?. if so that would be yes
    Flat spots around 8000-10000rpm. Carbs were filthy and I found that the mechanic ran out of 105 main jet and p0t a 104 instead so I have 3x 105 and 1x104. Trying to source a jet kit.ebay? I've put it back together and the bike definately sounds quieter seems to run a bit better but I wont know for sure till I get the new jets and do the broadford netrider day.
  4. Wide Open Throttle, yes. Yep, that where the main jet works.

    Difference between 105 & 104 would be negligible I think, is it Keihin or Mikuni?

    Mick Hone have a lot of jets on hand, don't know if they're near you or not.
  5. dunno if its keihin or mikun, just has the size number on it, wheres this Mick charecter work from?
    thanks for the advice
  6. Mick Hone Suzuki in Box Hill, (03) 9890 0304

    Keihin & Mikuni use different numbering systems, Mikuni go in steps of 2.5 ie 132.5, 135 main, I think Keihins are a bit different...

    What I'm getting around to is, if it's a Mikuni, there will very little difference between 104 & 105, but if it's Keihin, it might be a bigger difference.

    (I suspect it's Keihin, because a 104 shouldn't exist in Mikuni sizes...)

  7. I'm suprised it didn't mess up the mid range too.
  8. Its been running like a no legged dog