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loose gravel left at roadworks

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by STUST2, Feb 19, 2006.

  1. Is there any precedents for taking on road building authorities after they leave grreat heaps of loose gravel lying around during and after there efforts. Just came through a new piece of road yesterday rounded a bend and there it was with no warning. Luckily no off involved but a bit of a hairy episode for a second. :evil:

  2. Yes, if you come off, you can claim damages.

    Where is this hazard? We wouldn't want anyone else to hit it.
  3. Roadworks signs are for both the workers safty and your own. If there are roadworks signs up then you wouldn't be able to get them, but before they bring down the signs they have to make the road safe for driving
  4. I was told years ago that any construction company by law has to hose the tyres down before they can enter public streets if they are muddy/covered in dirt from the construction site.
  5. Construction sites????? He was referring to road works.
  6. yeah but around here they fcuking well dont
    grrr. This is nearish an industrial area and also alot of houses being built latley (fairfield is a fashionable suburb) and the trucks are constantly leaving sand, dirt, gravel etc on the railway crossing, corners, everywhere really. Ive stopped turning off at the railway and instead wait till the seperation street or raymond (i think?)street exits from grange rd.
    it sucks!! this one time I almost dropped it, it was really wet so I was taking it really really easy round the corner near the train crossing, then I realise the train crossing is covered in sand and gravel and the corner is even worse.
    I ran really wide and almost hit a parked car :LOL:

    oh not to mention the truck that decided to give me a little push towards the middle of an intersection, and when I tried to turn so I wouldnt end up in front of incming cars I realised I was on a stack of gravel...

    trucks suck.
  7. :oops: oops, i misread road building for building
  8. Obviously you guys living there hasn't affected property prices yet then :p :wink: :LOL:

    If you can prove the property the debris came from (like wheel tracks coming out of it's driveway then a call to the EPA would be in order.

    Why the EPA? Well the dirt ends up in the storm water drains and becomes the EPA's problem. Part of all construction work permits is supposed to be controlling run off from the work site & if the trucks aren't being cleaned before they leave the site they would be in breach of the building permit they are working under.......

    As for road works, there could be multiple repairs on the one streach of road covered by signs at the start & finish only but I don't know if that's 100% kosher or not.
  9. The section of road is a new bypass road into Harrington on the Mid North Coast NSW. It seems ridiculous that to put a sign up is the beginning and end of their responsibility to making the road safe. In this instance I'm not talking about a few pebbles, but drifts of gravel 3 cm thick.
  10. I have heard of a motorcyclist in NSW winning such a case, but he was totally f$%ked up- you would never get comp. for your broken fairing.

    The legal precedent, like the legal precedent for most things in life, goes both ways depending on the attitude of the magistrate or judge.

    The best thing to do is to photograph the site, and send the pictures to the RTA, your local state MP and your local newspaper. Regional papers need stuff like this- and the three letters make sure that the others (RTA and MP) have to act because they can't say they weren't told. You might at least get the construction contractors fined.

    My town (Queanbeyan) is presently full of gravel slurry from home and road building sites, and this is what I'm planning to do (if I get off my arse).
  11. whqat pisses me off more are te random massive holes in the road (the ones with little metal covers etc) that u dont c till its too late and get a mega nut crunching, and quite often a very scary moment....we pay our rego too! and its way more than it should be...!